What is the one thing that many schools find is missing on open day for new parents?

You’ve got everything ready. The school is looking bright and lively. The displays have been updated. The choir and orchestra will put on a show…

But you still have to get parents to attend.

Of course, many will turn up because they know about what you do and are half-way to making their choice already. But for many others there is a question: which open days shall we attend?

And, when faced with this question, what such parents generally do is phone up for a copy of the school’s prospectus.

This can be fine if your prospectus fully represents the excitement and warmth that your open day will generate. But if the prospectus is itself a few years old and does not reflect exactly what the school is like now, you might well feel that it is not an adequate representation of what the school has become.

Such a situation is more common than one might think, and in such circumstances many schools often call us in to work with schools that have a tight deadline to create a new prospectus for launch at one of their open evenings.

In such circumstances we can remedy the situation very quickly, supplying all professional photography, direction, design of the prospectus and print for a special delivery in time for the school’s open evening.

From there we can take the prospectus to the next level and create an online prospectus, and also launch a new website.

From design for print through to multimedia and the web – all project managed, created, designed and delivered in a very short space of time.

If you would like to hear more about a school that has used our service to achieve these ends and see the results we achieved with them please do call us on 01902 784 800.

Alternatively, there is more information on the services we provide at www.inco-education.co.uk/services.php