One simple way to ensure your school library plays a key role in promoting reading


Is your school library playing a key role in promoting reading? Is it well organised and welcoming, child and teacher friendly?

You don’t need expensive software or equipment to run a great school library – you just need tried and tested successful ideas.

Off the Shelf is the indispensable practical manual for running a successful primary school library and promoting reading. It’s a copiable book, with online resources, by Lucy Bakewell, the primary school librarian who won the School Library Association award as ‘School Librarian of the Year’.

Off the Shelf covers:

• Choosing books
• Organising the library
• Successful reading activities
• Boys into books
• Involving children in the library
• Working with reluctant readers
• Involving parents
• Creating great displays to attract pupils
• The annual calendar of events
• Author visits
• Supporting the curriculum
• Key websites

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Sex and Sensibility

Teaching teenagers about social relationships can be hard.

To make the teaching of social relationship issues throughout the school a simpler and more consistent process, we produced a course book which links sex, social relationships and wider social issues and which can be used throughout the school with the assurance of continuity of message at each stage. The course considers wider issues such as puberty, sex, self-esteem, self-efficacy, peer pressure, notions of attraction and beauty and socialisation.

The volume includes cross-curricular links with history, sociology, art, science, and literature. incorporating, for example, Shakespeare’s “True Face of Beauty” sonnet and a mystery love letter. Indeed whether one wishes to look at branding, personality, the law, health or any other matter in this field, it is covered here.

What’s more, the book, Sex and Sensibility: a Sex and Relationships Course for Secondary Schools, is available both in photocopiable form and as a volume that can be loaded onto the school network so that only one copy is needed.

Sex and Sensibility: a Sex and Relationships Course for Secondary Schools by Shona Kerr. Sample pages can be viewed at

Publisher’s reference: T1760EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 754 8


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What is the main factor that allows one young person to find a job while another remains unemployed?

Around 40% of unemployed people in the UK are aged 16-25. Which raises the simple question, how do the other 60%, who do find work, actually manage to do it?

Is it down to their skills, their personality, their location, or maybe just plain luck?

All these factors obviously have an effect on whether a person gets a job or not, but it appears that the main answer centres on the fact that those who get work tend to have the ability to identify their personal strengths as well as the key skills employers are looking for.

And they then use those two attributes in their job application and job interview.

Of course, to be able to do this young people need confidence and motivation – which incidentally are also qualities that employers today invariably look for.

So in effect young people who get jobs give employers what they want: an appearance of confidence and motivation. Not too much, of course (no one wants to employ an over-confident young person), but just the right amount for the employer to think – this young person could be ok in our business.

It is with this thinking in mind that we’ve produced a pack which provides young people with the tools to find their first job after leaving school. It is suitable both for those who have already gained some work experience or even those who have held a job for some time.

The pack also shows that if we can only identify the various options available to us we can make a decision based on our desires, strengths and talents.

The whole job hunting process is covered, from speculative applications, employment agencies, job centres, newspaper job lists, etc, through to CV preparation, interview techniques, interview follow-ups, etc.

This resource is available as a hard copy or an ebook and free sample pages are available on our website.

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