Free Primary assembly resources

We understand that finding new and curriculum-led assemblies can sometimes be a little time consuming, and it is with this in mind that we have developed a number of resources to help you.

The first is our Brilliant Stories for Assemblies resource. This contains over 60 stories covering a range of subjects that will inspire pupils and capture their interest.

The subjects covered include cultural stories from around the world, religious stories from the 6 main religions, moral stories including bullying, birth of a sibling, racism and disability and historical stories, linked to the Key Stage 2 history curriculum.

The second is More Brilliant Stories for Assemblies. This contains over 50 stories and tackles issues such as bullying, racism and disability, as well as historical and religious stories. All the stories are linked to the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) themes.

A number of free assembly resources taken from this book are currently available on our website at:

And finally, the third is Brilliant Class-led Assemblies for Key Stage 2. This contains ten easy-to-use, stress-free assemblies linked to the National Curriculum for science, history and geography.

All these tried-and-tested assembly scripts can be easily modified to suit your class and can be as elaborate or as straightforward as you wish. Your pupils can participate as narrators, evacuees, water droplets or investigators, even the River Nile! The assemblies are constructed so that all the class can be involved in some way. All can be introduced and executed within one week – so as not to waste valuable classroom learning time.

Free sample pages and further information on all of these resources are available on our website using the web links above.

You can order these resources in any of these ways:

  • On our website at the above web links
  • By phone on 01449 766629
  • By fax on 01449 767122
  • By email to
  • By post to Brilliant Publications, c/o Trade Counter Distribution
    Mendlesham Industrial Estate, Norwich Road, Mendlesham, Suffolk, IP14 5ND

Contract management made easy


Contract management made easy

TES Foundation offers school business managers a new, simple and cost effective way to manage contracts, locate suppliers and secure better deals for their school, through online software that supports the way you work.

We work with over 1,000 schools, providing them with the tools they need to get the job done, and our new contracts management module has been designed to put you in control, helping you achieve more with less effort, because our software automates some of the tedious, time-consuming elements of managing contracts.

  • No more nasty surprises, no automatic rollovers: receive reminders of contract renewal dates in advance, so you’ll have the time and the tools to negotiate the best deal in the current marketplace.
  • Save money: Search for new suppliers reviewed and recommended by schools local to you: your negotiation position is stronger if you know about the best deals out there.
  • Save time: View all your contracts in one place: have easy access to all the information you need for audits, and produce reports for governors in seconds.
  • Expert advice: There’s a handy checklist of contracts your school should have in place, from licenses to insurance to maintenance, plus tips on what to look out for (the good and the bad), all written just for schools. Our online, searchable guidance library gives benchmark prices, contract tips and up-to-date legislation.
  • So easy to use: Follow the simple steps on our online system and you’ll be up and running in no time: we’ve designed our software around the way schools work, and you can upload and download documents and reports into Word and Excel.

Plus, all included in the price:

  • Unlimited, secure off-site storage for contracts and other key documents
  • Live support from our team in Leeds, so any help you need on using the system is a click away
  • Full set of online tools to support your school management, including premises, suppliers, health and safety and compliance

If you’d like to find out more, you’re welcome to try the system for free. We’ll give you a personal demo of the system to help you get started, and a price plan to match your school size. Our live support team will be on hand for the duration of your trial and, of course, once you’re a customer, too!

English Literary Terms: free poster

If your students are struggling with the differences between assonance, hyperbole and alliteration, we have the perfect resource for you.

We’ve created a free English poster comprising a glossary of useful writing terminology, ready to be printed out and put up in classrooms.

Download the poster here:

If you’re interested in buying Boardworks resources but want a bigger sample, you can fill in this form and we’ll send you a free presentation of your choice.


The Boardworks English team