The most important starting point when it comes to revision

One of the most important things for students as they approach revision is for them to understand exactly what they know and where they have profound gaps in their knowledge.

For this reason, “Restless Earth – Revision through Questions” starts with a self-review form for students to assess their own knowledge and understanding directly related to the specification.

Specifically designed to meet the knowledge and understanding requirements for GCSE AQA “A” Geography, this resource combines the specific content of a good textbook and also the comprehensive exam-style question practice of exam papers.

The content of the specification is referred to throughout the guide.

In addition, the volume contains a self-supported study guide – a resource that can also be used to generate classroom-based activities and also as a homework workbook.

Links to the most popular texts are also included so that students can refer to them for additional ideas or support if necessary. These books include Heinemann, Ann Bowen and John Pallister New edition 2009, ‘Understanding GCSE Geography’ and the Nelson Thornes, Canavan et al 2009 book, ‘AQA Geography A’.

This resources contains 55 copiable masters which are available as PDF downloads or as a PDF or editable Word files on a CD. The price of £39.99 + VAT is the same for all formats.

Once purchased the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school.

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