What are the most effective ways of addressing the underachievement of boys?

There is a significant amount of evidence concerning the various ways in which different schools have looked at addressing the problem of the underachievement of boys.

Curiously the research finds that some of the more popular approaches to dealing with this problem are actually among the least effective.

Certainly many teachers would agree where the problems lie, with issues such as male learning styles, and the whole issue of boys’ participation in education.

There are also such areas as addressing literacy concerns, a male-inclusive classroom, and the importance of creating a whole-school strategy.

It is with these concerns in mind that the one day evidence based experiential workshop “The Boy Problem: Raising boys’ achievement” which can take place in your school at a time to suite you and your colleagues.

This three hour course was described as An engaging and thought-provoking session that was a great way to start the new academic year” by  Bob Owers, Headteacher, Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Brixham, Devon in September 2017

There are more details about the course on our website at The Boy Problem: Raising Boys Achievement

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