What is the most effective way of ensuring that the children at your nursery are getting the most out of their learning?

Information overload is experienced by everyone and can lead to forgetfulness, confusion and misunderstandings, among a few. But information overload is perhaps more of an issue for young children, not least because they lack a knowledge-base which aids the understanding of a new topic or concept.

With this in mind, it is important for children to regularly revise their new-found knowledge, which is something that can be achieved through creative activities. And this is why we have produced: Creative Activities for the Early Years. 

Creative Activities for the Early Years contains a wealth of creative activities covering a number of themes, such as The Sea, Autumn, Night-time, Rain, Insects, Clocks, and the Farmyard. So when the children at your nursery return from a trip to the farm, their new knowledge can be confirmed and any misunderstanding can be brought to your attention.

What’s more, this resource is not only an effective tool for revision, but is also a great way to introduce new topics and concepts, and can be used as a reference for activity ideas to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year.

For more information or to order Creative Activities for the Early Years for £17.99 as a printed book, £12.99 as an e-pdf, or both for £21.89, please visit:


Alternatively, you can place an order:

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The advantage of live performance: MACBETH and ROMEO AND JULIET

Here’s what just a few students have to say about Fred Theatre’s current touring production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL:

It was real wonderful thank you (smiley face) (Elisha, year 10)

The happy vibe and great actors/actresses! (Emily, year 10)

The superb acting, everything was excellent, I enjoyed this performance (thumbs up, smiley face)(Baker, year 11)

After the Christmas break, Fred Theatre is touring with two Shakespearean classics, MACBETH and ROMEO AND JULIET, and we’re confident both shows will get an equally great response.

Our 90 minute adaptations are fresh and exciting re-tellings of familiar and much-loved stories. Each features a cast of six professional actors, and we concentrate on the text and producing a faithful representation of the original—just a little shorter!

Both productions can be performed in your school, all we need is a space approximately 5m x 5m with room for the audience.

To find out more, simply e-mail Helen in our office, helen@fred-theatre.co.uk, or call us on 01789 777612. We’ll collect a few details from you and respond with potential dates and a quote.

Both shows also have in-theatre public performances. We are at:

The Cockpit, Marylebone, LONDON 20-21 February

The Bear Pit, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, 5-9 February

Helen can provide more information on these performances, or you can reserve tickets with the venues.

We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime…

Fred Fact #2

Every student at a Fred Theatre schools’ performance receives their own copy of the programme for the show as well as a feedback card. Once we’ve had a look through the cards, we return these to schools so you may use them as a tool in class when discussing the play and/or the production.

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Alleviating pupils’ social, emotional, behaviour and mental health issues.

Detailed results of a large study available for primary school staff for the first time

The outcomes of over 46,000 observations by parents and referrers (mostly teachers) are being published in detail on 12th December in the International Journal of Play and Creative Arts Therapies Research.  These are based upon a quantified clinical evidence base (CEB) related to a standardised model of play therapy.

The overall conclusion is that 77% to 84% of children show a positive change after receiving therapy provided according to the standards of the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. The amount of change varies according to gender, age, presenting condition, severity of the issue and country. As an example, when the population of children with a greater severity of a particular problem was examined, 93% observed by referrers and 87% by parents showed a positive change.

The CEB enables many factors to be analysed with confidence for the first time, some of which have been demonstrated in the paper. Answers on the effectiveness of play therapy, for a specific presenting condition such as relationship and attachment problems, anger management, loss and bereavement, ADHD, ASD anxiety and some 40 others can now be obtained.  These include the creative arts media chosen by the children, the number of sessions and client attributes as well as the outcomes themselves.

If you would like a copy of the paper or the results for a specific condition email Jeff Thomas, Registrar Play Therapy UK: jefferyht@majemail.com