What is the biggest mistake most students make, when applying for a job or a course?

One of the biggest problems teenagers face as they prepare to leave school is that they think they know how the world works.  And when it comes to the issue of what employers and universities are looking for, unfortunately their thinking can be flawed.

As a result, the way in which the applicant presents him/herself is one which can lead to rejection.  But then, instead of correcting their approach, applicants may come to see the problem as resting with the universities and employers – so they still don’t change.

At the heart of the matter is what are often called “emotional and social competencies” – more commonly known as “people skills”.  Many employers have come to realise that generally only about one third of the difference between an excellent employee and an average employee relates to technical skills and cognitive ability.

The rest of the difference between a highly effective employee and an average employee comes in the form of these emotional and social competencies.

Which raises the question: how can we show students who are starting on the journey to employment, what employers are looking for?  In effect, how can they express their social and emotional competencies to those who might give them a job?

The first step must be for the student to understand his/her own social and emotional competencies. Which is why Belbin has produced GetSet – a way of helping students find out about themselves in relation to what employers tend to look for.

Belbin GetSet is a set of questionnaires that school students can complete online and which generate a detailed set of reports revealing the student’s strengths.  As a result, the students can best present themselves in applications to higher education and to employers.

To find out more, and to arrange for one or more students to take the online test and receive a full report, please do visit our website where you will find full details.  Or if you have any questions, please email getset@belbin.com or phone 01223 264975.