Helping Children Who Are Victims of Bullying

Teachers and pupils who suspect that someone is being bullied should always offer to lend a hand, even if it is just to listen. Children may have been broken down by their bully therefore they may be afraid to speak out or they may lack trust in people. They may have a very polarised reaction; lashing out could be the beginning of this but they then may withdraw and refuse to socially interact. What can you do to send the message that you and your school are not tolerant of bullying and unacceptable behaviour? How can you help a child who is being bullied? You can:

  • Empathise and share your own experiences
  • See a teaching opportunity for all – why people bully
  • Show them how to set a good example to others
  • Teach them that bullies may be very unhappy too
  • Help them show compassion to others
  • Teach them ways to talk to a bully

Make intolerance of bullies your selling point as a school. Read on for more information on how to help children combat bullying.