These two calculators could be all you need for the new school year….

The LOGIK LK 183 calc. has been used by UK school and college students since 2008. With 240 functions, plus twin line display, auto power off, hard plastic keys and a slide-on cover, it has proved to be extremely reliable as well as being competitively priced, (from just £ 3.69 ex vat).
It has recently been joined by the LOGIK LK 83XP with its “natural display” feature which enables the user to enter calculations as shown in textbooks and worksheets. With (almost) all the features of the brand leader, (not “verify” or “recurring decimal”) , its 252 functions include number tables, random numbers, prime factorisation, trig & stats functions log and anti-log etc plus a twin line display, slide-on cover, hard plastic keys and auto-power off. It’s battery powered with solar back-up for longer life and competitively priced. (from just £ 5.29 ex vat)
Both LOGIK calcs have a THREE year warranty (excludes LCD damage) and are suitable for KS 3, 4 and GCSE. Standard and Higher grade, Junior and Leaving certificate.
For more details, please see the website:
or email: or phone 020 7515 1797 and ask to speak to Martin Evans who will be pleased to assist.
PS. Also available is the “Value Maths set” which has proved to be very useful for students in lessons and exams……from just £ 1.25 ex vat. Details on the website.
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It’s all about attachment

Many adult, adolescent and childhood psychological problems may be traced to attachment issues in early childhood.  How many of your pupils exhibit these problems through repeated angry outbursts, crying, clinging or withdrawal?  You will know the disruption they cause.

You can help them and their parents by providing a play therapy service – provided that it is delivered safely and effectively by practitioners on a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

Play Therapy UK’s evidence base, built over the last 12 years using actual practice data from over a thousand schools, shows that between 77% and 84% of those receiving play therapy delivered to our  standards show a positive change, as observed by teachers and parents. Now with over 20,000 measures, the evidence base is highly reliable.

If your school is not yet using play therapy, there are two main options:

I ) Contact your nearest PTUK registrant to see if one is available provide a service for your school:

2) Invest in training one of your teaching staff as a Registered Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills.

Our partner the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) is currently training over 300 practitioners in 13 conveniently venues throughout the UK.  Many are Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Learning Mentors and Nurses.  They’ll receive a Post Graduate Certificate from Leeds Beckett University as well as being registered. It’s a good investment that will typically show a good return within a couple of terms.

Perhaps you would like to experience how play therapy works, the skills required and how we train using mainly experiential exercises, by attending a one-day ‘Introduction to Play Therapy’ course held at 13 convenient venues throughout the UK. Phone: 01825 761143 to book.

More information:

If you would like to have a chat about how play therapy helps schools to achieve their academic objectives as well as supporting pupils’ emotional welfare  and the options in more detail please email Monika at:

What is the most effective way of helping your students who don’t get the exam grades they expected?

There are, of course, many possible solutions for underperforming students, but what has made some solutions more interesting is the rapid growth in the number of choices that the private school / college sector have recently introduced, including those with substantial discounts. For example:

We are placing an increasing number of students into schools which offer vocational  BTECS if it is considered their GCSE grades are too low to justify progression to A Levels. Alternatively there are similar opportunities Foundation Programmes. Although most are aimed at International students we can also get UK nationals onto some of these programmes

We can arrange specialist private tuition at home to facilitate retakes for those needing to improve GCSE grades, while still continuing with A Levels at school.

For students with medical degree ambitions but whose GCSE grades were B or less, there are specialist medic, dental and veterinary courses for sixth formers  (ask for our free eguide)

We can advise on alternative university courses for those whose grades necessitate a direction change.

For more information on how we can help specific individual students, go to or better still phone Mary, Duncan or Ryan on 01622 813870 or 01603 812852

Whatever the situation, remember there is always a solution and always an alternative. We are happy to help you explore the best available options. Education Advisers Ltd are independent and impartial school choice consultants and our 12 websites advise more than 1 million parents/students per annum

P.S We are offering to schools free of charge our online library of university advice sources, which you can then make available to your students, their parents and of course your own staff – just ask.