There is one simple way of delivering 2.5 hours of additional activity a week to all pupils…

According to the government’s new reports on children and obesity, increased activity not only reduces the chances of obesity but also increases intellectual attainment, while reducing disciplinary issues, improving sociability, and reducing mental health problems.

In fact, increased activity appears to be a wonder cure for both the physical and mental ills that beset some young people.

However, this demand for an extra 2.5 hours activity a week leaves two questions:

First, what is the best way to ensure that children get the extra activity each week that the government now wants?

Second, how can we do this without bringing in new equipment, specialist staff, or supervisors for outdoor activity?  In short, how can we do it as part of our daily work with the staff and equipment that we already have?

It is to help schools answer these questions that imoves has produced a free report for schools on the most effective ways of meeting this government’s objective of making children more active throughout the day, every day.

For the government’s warning (that we are now looking at the first generation of children who are, as things stand, going to be less fit than their parents were as children) is indeed a fundamentally frightening one.

The report, “The Active School”, which answers the question of how schools can help pupils gain all the benefits that accrue from extra activity, is available now, free of charge.

If you would like a copy simply send an email to and we’ll send you the report back straight away.

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Ian Pickles