What is the simplest way to meet the new requirement of 2.5 hours of activity a week in addition to PE lessons?

There are government policies and government policies.  Some are welcome, some… well perhaps not so welcome.

But the objective of making children more active is one of those which it is hard to argue with – given the benefits that it offers both the school and the children.

For, it turns out, all the evidence shows that the extra activity the government wants us to ensure children get does more than simply making the children physically fitter.   Indeed it seems that increased activity also dramatically improves children’s intellectual abilities, while reducing disciplinary issues, improving sociability, and reducing mental health problems.

Which then leaves two questions:

First, what is the best way to ensure that children get the extra activity each week that the government now wants?

Second, how can we do this without bringing in new equipment, specialist staff, or supervisors for outdoor activity?  In short, how can we do it as part of our daily work with the staff and equipment that we already have?

It is to help schools answer these questions that imoves has produced a free report for schools on the most effective ways of meeting this government’s objective of making children more active throughout the day, every day.

For the government’s warning (that we are now looking at the first generation of children who are, as things stand, going to be less fit than their parents were as children) is indeed a fundamentally frightening one.

The report, “The Active School”, which answers the question of how schools can help pupils gain all the benefits that accrue from extra activity, is available now, free of charge.  If you would like a copy simply send an email to Active@schools.co.uk and we’ll send you the report back straight away.

One day special needs training workshops to equip staff with the knowledge and confidence they need

Concept Training are delivering a series of practical, one day, special needs training days at the Adelphi Centre Glasgow in August and September.

Courses are suitable for teaching and support staff and delegates will go away with a range of positive strategies to improve teaching and learning.

Follow the links below for full details and booking forms for the following courses:

“Understanding Attachment Disorder”
28th August
Attachment Disorder

“Understanding behaviour as communication and how to respond positively”
29th August
Behaviour as Communication

“Supporting students with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)”
5th September

“Autism – Next Steps”   Accredited at level 3 through the Open College Network
6th September
Autism Next Steps

Ask us about our In House courses  mailto:info@concept-training.co.uk

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