What is the most empowering event that can happen to your school leavers?

An end of year assembly which is produced and performed by year 6 pupils on their last day at primary school can not only leave a significant impression on those who take part, but also on the rest of the school.

The result is that the children who create the end of year event feel motivated through knowing their ideas are valued, and feel confident that they will be appreciated by others.

And it is possible to expand the feelings of self-worth and confidence that can arise from such an event when the children know they’re getting expert advice and support as they work on their presentation – and that’s what Snail Tales storytellers can give.

As published authors and professional performers who have entertained young audiences all over the world, our storytellers will be able to guide your children towards putting their best into their final moments at your school.

And since all five of our national theatre tours have been developed through KS2 workshops, you can feel sure that the final assembly will be 100% your year 6 – we’ll take and develop their ideas, not impose on own.

Over the course of a single day, your storyteller will run immersive, interactive, and engaging workshops with your year 6s on the four elements of producing a great show: pre-production (ideas and role setting); development (writing and designing); performance; and promotion.

The whole day includes a resource pack to help your year 6 teacher direct and mentor your year 6s towards their assembly.

The total cost inclusive of travel to your schools is £350 for up to 35 year 6 children. We can also work over two or three days and thus take in larger groups.

For more information please call 0203 287 6245 or visit our website at www.snailtales.org/leavers