FREE GRATNELLS STORAGE KIT * for the maths and science departments …..

Gratnells are the leaders  for storage containers in schools, colleges and universities.

Their products are  designed to make life  more efficient  both for teachers and “back room” staff, particularly in the maths and science  departments.

Did you know that right now, until July 31, when you order selected calculators from Signpost Educational Ltd., you will receive Gratnells boxes completely free of charge!

For every 30  LK 183 or LK 83XP calculators you order*  you will get a free Gratnells storage box, foam insert and a clear lid.  There’s a minimum order of 60 calcs (that means you’ll  get two boxes, two foams and two lids free of charge)  but you must quote  the code  NIVRAM to benefit from this offer.

For details of these two calculators, please see: or contact Signpost Educational Ltd by phone:  020 7515 1797 or by email:

Signpost Educational Ltd., PO Box 999  London, E14 6SH