Safeguard my School

Dear Head

As a teacher with 16 years of teaching experience in the classroom I have noticed the ubiquity of smartphones and social media has made safeguarding a much more complicated issue. Experience has taught me that it’s vital for schools to have a robust safeguarding system that allows teachers to respond quickly and efficiently. The reason I built this software is not in the interests of a high Ofsted or Estyn rating, but for the sake of the most vulnerable students.

Safeguard my School is designed to enhance existing safeguarding provisions, allowing your teachers to both communicate and act upon issues quickly from anywhere in your school.

Here are a few bullet points explaining the key features of Safeguard my school, if you have time to read them:


  • Speedy, secure & simple recording of any safeguarding concern.
  • Powerful reporting tools deliver management reports for safeguarding leads, senior leaders, governing bodies, local authorities etc.
  • Accessed securely from wherever you have an internet connection and will display across all devices including tablets and smartphones.
  • With Safeguard my School, busy staff can report concerns with a few clicks of a button even when at home or on the P.E. field.


  • Each pupil has their own individual safeguarding profile which neatly collates all safeguarding issues that are relevant to them. This means that it is easy to spot trends and patterns.

If you would like to know more, then just request an online demo here, by doing so we would like to offer you until September for free when purchasing a licence this summer.

Or just reply to this email and we can take things from there.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

01348 800 100