Questions that no one knows the answers to

There are closed questions, open questions, rhetorical questions, leading questions and then there are questions that no one knows the answer to, such as: How many planets are actually in our Solar System? What is Time? Why are we here, what is our purpose? And why do we dream?

But perhaps the most difficult questions to answer are those from your pupils about what we might consider as ‘grown-up’ topics, including those about terrorism, such as: What do terrorists want? How does terrorism start? When will terrorism end? Why do they hate us? And so on…

Which is precisely why we have produced the resource:
Talking about Terrorism: Responding to Children’s Questions

Talking about Terrorism: Responding to Children’s Questions is a resource for you, the teacher. It answers questions that children may ask in clear, easy-to-understand language – providing simple, objective explanations and reassurance where possible, while being careful not to raise expectations.

In addition, the text is interspersed with classroom activities aimed at your KS2 pupils to stimulate critical thinking, including brain storming, group discussions, responding to visual stimuli, and evaluation.

What’s more, not only will this resource help your school to create ‘safe spaces’ for the discussion of controversial issues in response to the Prevent Strategy, but it will also help you to demonstrate to Ofsted that you are addressing this difficult area.

Don’t just take our word for it. “Highly recommended – really great resource for teachers” says Abigail Clay, an expert on Safeguarding and the Prevent Strategy.

You can order Talking about Terrorism: Responding to Children’s Questions on our website either in PDF for £13.99 or as a hardcopy book for £19.99. There is also the option to buy both the hardcopy and PDF together at a discounted price of £24.19.

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