What is the best way of being aware of the personal and social issues being faced by those we teach?

With many children their behaviour tells us much of what we need to know about their lives. Indeed it is their behaviour that makes us aware of any problems that they might be suffering.

But there is no doubt that observation alone won’t always alert us to the fact that some of the children we teach may be lacking in their understanding of certain key issues of their emotional, personal, and social experiences.

Do they really understand the dangers of mimicking the behaviour they might see in their older brothers and sisters? Is anyone engaging in self-abuse who has slipped beneath the radar? Are there neighbourhood issues that the school is not fully aware of?

A knowledge of these and related issues can make the work of the school much more effective, as you and your colleagues can learn more about the children’s lives and about the dynamics existing in each class.

We can, for example, begin to see if those attending the school are getting suitable breakfasts. We can see if the children who are not met by parents feel safe on their way to and from school.

Of course, if your colleagues try to ask such questions in class, it can be hard to get answers from the very people whose answers might be the ones they most need to hear. Which is why many schools are turning to an alternative way to get this information.

This alternative approach involves using questionnaires covering the well-being and health of pupils. Such a questionnaire can identify the reasons for behaviours and provide a rich source of information that can be used to explore underlying influences.

In short, the professionally structured questionnaire allows us to learn far more about the behaviour and emotions of those we teach than is possible in any other way.

Youcansay has worked with hundreds of schools across the UK in providing and analysing questionnaires which help classroom teachers and senior management in schools learn far more about those they teach, than can otherwise be achieved.

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