Inspirational Classrooms by Enchanted

A classroom should be an inspiration, a place that stimulates a child’s desire to learn and develop. Enchanted Creations’ themed inspirational classrooms offer a completely bespoke theme, inside and out.

The concept designs, unique to your school, are completely free. Why not ask Enchanted to take a look at your classroom needs and let us design something special for you.

If you need a new classroom(s) drop us a line at or call 01844 343106.

Enchanted classroom Enchanted classroom
Enchanted classroom

Enchanted Creations. Designers and manufacturers of incredible classrooms and play equipment.

Head Teacher comment: “you don’t find companies like Enchanted anymore, amazing, all schools should know about you…”

If you would like to know more, please call 01844 343106 or email

Tackle key issues in a week

What can you really achieve in a week?

Teachers want to keep developing and updating their professional knowledge, but it is often hard to fit this in alongside teaching, planning, marking and, ideally, enjoying some well-deserved down-time.
As busy professionals, when faced with a difficult problem, most teachers also prefer useful advice in the form of workable strategies they can try, rather than lengthy theoretical analyses of the issues.
A solution that fits with the way teachers work and helps them to keep up to date in a manageable way is needed. And if the teacher feels they are making progress in seven short days, so much the better!
We are delighted to announce a brand new series, Getting it Right in a Week, aimed at teachers in the classroom, and designed to help you and your colleagues master key topics in 7 days.
These books are concise and accessible but still take a critical approach. They provide a straightforward, practical collection of suggestions and strategies that can be quickly studied, tried out and evaluated for their usefulness. Each book is grounded in evidence but understands how teaching works in reality. The first titles in the series cover behaviour management, lesson planning and mentoring.
You can learn more about this series on our website – just go to If you click on the Behaviour Management title you will be able to download a free sample chapter.
If you have any questions or queries about Getting it Right in a Week please do call 01727 851 462 or email
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