Could your pupils support the world’s biggest minority?

The power of school fundraising

80% of disabled people worldwide live in developing countries. Faced with exclusion in many countries, the world’s one billion people with disabilities have been described as the ‘world’s biggest minority’. School fundraising enables our teams to provide life-changing support for some of the most vulnerable people on earth.

From fundraising sports days and summer fetes to tutor group challenges; we have been humbled by support from pupils and teachers in 2016. We would be honoured to have your school’s support next year.

Please order your fundraising pack

As well as a fundraising pack, we can provide a speaker to talk about our work with communities affected by conflict.

Whether it’s giving an amputee the chance to walk again or helping to make a community safe from the threat of landmines, the money you raise could really change lives.

Please order our fundraising pack or contact for more information.

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P.S. Our YouTube Playlist for schools contains 13 short videos about our work with communities affected by war.

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Coping with the sheer variety of pupils’ emotional and behaviour problems.

It’s long been recognised that every child is different.  We’ve analysed just over 5000 cases showing the variety of referral conditions for Play Therapy.

The top 10 conditions account for 43% of all referrals out of 327 different ones presented – so Pareto’s law does not apply!

Family relationship difficulties 6.77%
Attachment Issues 6.57%
Anger management 6.21%
Domestic violence – experience of
Anxiety disorder
Bereavement Close Relatives
Social relationships difficulties 3.28%
Lack of self-esteem 3.12%
Autistic spectrum disorder 2.98%
Adjustment Issue – with anxiety 2.40%

Does this match your school’s experience?

Play Therapy UK registrants are trained to cope with this complexity of issues, achieving a positive change of between 77% and 84%.  Not perfect but pretty good.

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Email me personally at for details of our trainee placement service which provides play therapy for a year at a negligible cost.

Kind regards

Jeff Thomas – Registrar Play Therapy UK