Achieving one to one tuition

The most effective way of helping children with poor literacy is one-to-one tuition. But how do we do that?

For most of us, we can’t offer one-to-one tuition to the children we teach – at least we can’t for more than a small amount of time each week. The resources just aren’t available. Or, at least they have not been in the past.

But some schools are offering exactly this: one-to-one tuition for the children who are slipping behind in literacy, and all within the school’s budget. They achieve this by using a program which rapidly locates the child’s literacy issues, and then directs the child to an engaging set of activities which will remedy the misunderstandings that have been identified. Once rectified, they advance to the next skills set.

Thus the child gets the individual attention he/she needs; attention which is directed one hundred percent to the child’s level of literacy in a way that they find utterly rewarding and engaging.

Because the level of literacy is so accurately reflective of each pupil’s unique ability, each individual gets the feeling of success and progress, rather than any feeling of failing or falling short of the level achieved by others.

At the same time, you are now free to work with other children in your group. Indeed you can rotate the children: some receiving directed help online, others engaged in class activities with you.

The program in question is Core5 from Lexia, a program already in use in over three thousand schools.

I would like to offer you the chance to try it for yourself. Then, if you feel the program is of interest to you, your classes can have access to it for 30 days without any payment or commitment, starting on a date suitable to you.

To read more, and to take up the opportunity of seeing the program in action, click here. There is no registration, no form filling – you can just try the program. (Do remember to have the sound turned on before you start!)

You can also apply for a 30 day free trial of the program by clicking here. Or if you want more information please do call 0191 482 1939, or email

I hope you will find this approach interesting and consider joining the many other schools now using Core5 as their prime method of raising literacy standards across the school.

Kind regards,

Rob Kay
Software Consultant