Classroom collaboration like you have never seen before

How can Nureva™ Span™ improve learning in the classroom?
With the Nureva™ Span™ “all-in-one” platform, pupils can capture their thoughts on a tablet and then share these thoughts on the interactive board – creating an immersive learning environment that will foster group discussion and group learning, and classroom collaboration like you have never seen before.

To see how the Nureva™ Span™ “all-in-one” platform works in a classroom environment, Smarter Interactive has made a video which you can view at

Can we try Nureva™ Span™ before we buy?
You and your colleagues can visit Smarter Interactive where you will be given an extensive demo of the Nureva software. We will also answer any questions that you might have about Nureva™ Span™.

Where can I find more information about the specifications of Nureva™ Span™?
The unique ultra short throw 16:6 projector creates an image of up to 3m wide (you can combine more than one projector to create a 6m wide image) and has an estimated life of 25,000 hours. The Laser Touch module can support up to 10 points of touch (20 points on a dual screen system) and the Span Software stores each “canvas” in the cloud making it accessible from any internet enabled device. To view Nureva™ Span™‘s full specifications, visit

Will Smarter Interactive support the school after its installation?
Smarter interactive will contact you to see how things are progressing. We are on hand with any questions you may have and you will be given extensive training with the software so that you and your colleagues feel confident going forward.

Do you have feedback from schools who already use Nureva™ Span™?
Yes….             “Smarter interactive ensured that the installations did not impact the staff or children, as it was installed at a time that suited us. Any issues were dealt with effectively and swiftly. They were available consistently to support us as we needed them.  They have organized a maintenance schedule and have followed through with it.

“I would definitely recommend Smarter Interactive and am aware that our Headteacher has already shared the experiences with other Headteachers in UK and Ireland as well as with teachers from Singapore on recent training.” – St Vincent’s Primary School

Can I contact Smarter Interactive to discuss Nureva™ Span™ and/or to find out how much Nureva™ Span™ costs and whether there is a finance option available?
To discuss Nureva™ Span™ with an expert, you can call us on 0118 366 0010, email us at or visit our website and scroll down to use our online enquiry form where you can organise a call back, web meeting, a product demo

Why tell tales?

What is the one cultural activity that all children love, and which is also fundamental to our survival?

Storytelling is as old as homo sapiens, and is our most profound way of learning about ourselves and those around us. About what is, what was, and what might be.

As such it is the heart and soul of our imaginations, our creativity and our civilisation, and it is our principle survival tool. It is in fact the mechanism that has allowed us to survive, flourish, and create civilisations.

Because of this we still need stories as a way of uniting ourselves in families and societies, which is why novels and dramas continue to be at the very heart of our existence.

Indeed even a single sentence can get us going. Try this for example….

Sam went to the end of her garden, and ran her hand through the flowers that grew there.

We are at once transported, and so the story begins.

There are many ways of bringing more and more stories to the children you teach.  But there is one in particular that I would like to bring to your attention: The Snail Tales Storytelling Bonanza.

This involves you working with the local nurseries and playgroups that feed into your school, and/or other primaries in your area, so all their children and yours can enjoy the show and some accompanying workshops in your school’s hall.

The price of the session is fixed irrespective of the number of pupils involved. So invite as many other schools and playgroups as you can, each need only make a very modest financial contribution – while you, as the host, pay nothing.

You can even host a public performance in your hall after school for parents and families to attend too, making it even more likely that your school won’t have to pay a penny.

Of course, it is entirely up to you how you arrange it – but certainly using storytelling as the heart of the introduction to your school can not only stimulate imagination and break down boundaries, but also reduce the worry that some children have on attending school for the first time.

To begin organising your Storytelling Bonanza you can call us on 020 328 76245 to discuss the details, or visit our online booking form.

Or, if you have an immediate question, please do either call 020 328 SNAIL (020 328 76245) or visit our Contact Us page