Classical concerts at a discount

When you bring students to a concert or event at Town Hall or Symphony Hall Birmingham, there are major discounts…

Week after week, month after month, THSH puts on the most extraordinarily diverse range of concerts.

And now, for the first time, we are able to offer an extraordinary set of discounts to go with our amazingly varied array of performances.

In fact we now have two separate ranges of discount available.

The first is the provision of £5 tickets per pupil or student – with the discount also provided for the seats occupied by yourself and your colleagues.  It doesn’t matter how many or how few students you are bringing along to an event, the tickets cost just £5 each.

Obviously the number of tickets available at this special rate for each concert is always limited, so early booking is advisable – just in case one or two other schools want to come to the same concert as the one you have chosen!

Second, if you are bringing a group of 20 or more pupils or students you can in addition get two free tickets for the organisers.

To see the details of all the classical music concerts that are scheduled for the coming months please do take a look at our website page which outlines the events for which these discounts apply.

Then, to book just call Group Bookings on 0800 358 7070 (10am – 5pm, Monday to Friday) or email  

It really is as simple as that.

If you have any questions about these new discounts, please do call the group bookings number and we’ll be pleased to help you.

Antony Pickthall

Vandal Proof Lockers at no cost to the school

Staylock Ltd manufacture, supply and install vandal resistant school lockers.



Install our vandal resistant lockers with 10 year guarantee maintenance provided.

All sizes manufactured and bespoke options.

Choice of locking options – keys, padlocks, code locks

With our all-inclusive low cost rental plan, ensuring no hidden or unforeseen cost to the school during the rental period, and with contributions from parents from as little as 50 pence per week generating a four figure income for the school!


Call 01253 733049 or 07899911302


Achieve your target attendance levels for all students

EDLounge is an innovative online learning resource that can help your school achieve its target attendance especially with those students working within your alternative and flexible learning provisions.

Our system is designed to motivate students who are persistently absent, off-site, in alternative provision, or those suffering with Mental Health issues allowing these pupils to raise their attainment and gain vital qualifications.

The implementation of EDLounge to support students who are away from school has had a significant impact on an identified cohort of students. It provides them with a programme of study and behaviour repair work that is monitored daily by school staff and parents, ensuring that students are engaged in meaningful work.

EDLounge is an inclusive online resource able to greatly enhance the educational offerings for students undertaking alternative and flexible learning pathways with online support through our remote learning and virtual classroom (EDVirtual).   Through our live classroom we currently work in partnership with academies all across the UK, helping them to:

  • Offer access, support and tutoring to enable your establishment to  claim attendance grades via our virtual classroom
  • Motivate disengaged and off site pupils
  • Reintegrate students back into mainstream education
  • Reduce exclusions, isolation issues
  • Create bespoke learning pathways for individual students
  • Access over 7000 knowledge and understanding lessons, puzzles and quizzes
  • Provide a safe, secure, well-rounded, and structured approach
  • Track and monitor pupils’ attendance and progress to produce printable reports – perfect for Ofsted inspections!

EDLounge becomes your alternative provision, allowing your pupils to learn, progress and attain in an environment that is suited to their specific needs.

We work in partnership with academies to ensure comprehensive levels of safeguarding, well-being, supervision for your pupils on or off-site.

Our unique approach makes EDLounge the perfect resource for students who are in inclusion or exclusion, alongside vocational and foundation learners, target groups, and students who are vulnerable, at risk, not attending classes, persistently absent, not doing homework, disengaged or demotivated.

Contact us today to discuss the impact EDLounge can have on your academy’s attendance levels.

Call us on 01909 568 338 or by email at and quote reference code ‘Improve16’ to request a free demonstration and trial of the EDLounge resource.

Kind regards,

Sam Warnes
Creator of EDLounge

T: 01909 568 338

F: 01909 568 350