Dimensional Lighting

Dimensional Lighting or, where does the light go when you flick the switch off?

Lighting in a storage facility is, as I am sure you will understand, extremely important.  Which was why, when I was approached by the Instantaneous Dimensional Lighting Corporation of North Dakota with the offer that they would undertake a free review of the Admiral Storage Facility’s lighting, I accepted.

A young man of studious appearance carrying a clipboard and various items of high technology greeted me warmly enough and then began to cast his eyes thither and yon as experts do, in order to show that they are indeed experts.

After much a-to-ing and a-fro-ing, mixed with some sucking through the teeth and nodding of the head, the young man said that I had a problem.  It was not, he said, so much a problem of the volume of light, but rather a problem appertaining to the type of light.

I was about to inform him that the notion that light actually had a volume was new to me, but he brushed past me gazing once more into the eves and beyond, before telling me in no uncertain terms that what we needed was 3D Radiance Augmentation.

“The light,” he told me, “is there, but is dissipated making it seem as if one can see but one can’t.  People looking into their boxes in order to find a document or other item stored with you, find that they can see what they are looking at, but feel that they cannot.  It is a common problem; I expect they mention it.”

I was about to suggest that it was hardly a common problem as far as Admiral was concerned since I had never had anyone mention the issue when he continued.

“You probably haven’t had anyone mention the issue,” he announced, “but that is because people suffering from a lack of 3D Light Augmentation become confused, and none of us like to admit that we are confused.”

I was about to say that I was indeed thoroughly bemused at this moment but the young man continued once more.

“Indeed you are probably feeling bemused at this moment,” he told me, “but there is no need, for I can explain.  3D Radiance Augmentation optically splits the light that you have here into three dimensions, in order to enhance its visual impactiveness.”

I looked bemused.  “You look bemused,” he said.

Eventually I plucked up the nerve to continue the conversation.  “What are these three dimensions?” I asked him.

“The first, second and third dimensions,” he said without hesitation.

“You mean like width, length and height?” I queried.

“I think you will find that this is the sort of 20th century thinking that is holding this business back,” he replied.   “Your customers are pretty much 21st century I’d hazard, and if they see you still trapped – visually that is – in a previous era, they will leave, you can trust me on that.

“Now the Instantaneous Dimensional Lighting Corporation of North Dakota has the exclusive rights to the Vienna Mean Light Standard which acts as a proxy for the measurement of all light between Dover and the Orkneys.  It is isotopically balanced against the Standard Light Arctic Polarisation.”

“You mean SLAP?” I asked.

He gave me a curious look but would not be put off.  “All our light is sustainably sourced,” he said, “using hand selected luminance originations.   I can offer you stone veneered light or origami ventura.”

“What you are telling me is that you have a light source which works in three dimensions and which helps people see what they are holding in their hands.”

He chucked.  “Yes that is a common misconception.  I am afraid it is far more complicated than that.”

“But it does work in three dimensions?” I asked and he nodded.

“So it isn’t on for very long,” I then suggested, “not being temporally stabilized in the unidirectional mode?”

He looked at me quizzically.  “Time,” I said.  “Your light doesn’t operate over time?  It doesn’t stay on when you ignite it.”

“Of course it stays on,” he said.

“That’s what I thought,” I replied, and there we both decided we should leave it.

Meanwhile I can assure you that as and when you wish to place, inspect or remove any documentation in the Admiral Storage Facility, we shall always ensure that we turn the lights on.

Sometimes those little photons even travel around corners.

Admiral Document Storage
Bloxwich Lane
Tel: 0800 810 1125

Email: info@archive-document-storage.co.uk





Australia and New Zealand Universities Event

Australian and New Zealand University Open Days

On Thursday 17 November, Friday 18 November and Saturday 19 November, Study Options will be holding Australian and New Zealand University Open Days. These are free information events aimed at students (and schools) who would like to find out more about university options in Australia and New Zealand.

Representatives from Australian and New Zealand universities will be present at the events to speak with prospective students in person. Study Options’ Open Days are held twice a year, in March and November, and are a great opportunity for students to get more information and talk to representatives from the universities face-to-face. For the majority of the universities, these are the only in-person events they undertake in the UK.

Which universities will be there?

New South Wales, Australia

Queensland, Australia

Tasmania, Australia

Victoria, Australia

Western Australia, Australia

North Island, New Zealand

South Island, New Zealand

About the events

The Open Days are open to students, parents and schools. Please register for a place at www.studyoptionsopendays.com

Thursday 17 November, 10.30am-12.30pm

The Glassroom, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier University, 10 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH10 5DT

Friday 18 November, 1.00pm-4.30pm

Circle Foyer, The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3WS

Saturday 19 November, 1.30-6.00pm

Australia House, Strand, London, WC2B 4LA

There is lots more information available at www.studyoptionsopendays.com regarding venues, opening times and how to register. Please do let us know if you have any questions or if there is any further information we can provide.

Contact Study Options

Website: www.studyoptions.com

Telephone: 0207 353 7200

Email: mail@studyoptions.com

The School Improvement Conference

“We run our schools differently. Students want to attend them, teachers want to work in them and other schools want to learn from them.”

This year we are running our School Improvement Conferences on November 30th 2016, February 1st 2017 and April 26th2017.

We would like to share with you the strategies we have developed that have helped our students across the Trust deliver Progress 8 scores up to 0.76. These strategies also formed the bedrock that transformed failing schools into good schools in a short period of time.

For more information please take a look at our brochure and booking form by following the link below. We look forward to working with you.


Rodillian logo


Why isn’t that reindeer flying?

Why there is a great value in maintaining the traditional Christmas stories with children from all cultural backgrounds.

Christmas stories demand a certain suspension of disbelief, and as such the theme of Christmas makes a perfect starting point for storytelling.

And yet occasionally some children do get concerned with how Father Christmas might visit them when they live in an apartment with central heating and no chimney.

For this reason when Snail Tales brings Christmas stories to schools we work from the premise that it is important for the traditional tales of this time of year to retain their form and style, while at the same time engaging with other cultures and indeed modern day life.

That doesn’t mean we actually talk about chimneys and central heating, but rather that we take as our starting point the notion that the Christmas spirit is not just snow (which of course we rarely see at Christmas in much of the UK), robins, and Dickensian images of boxes wrapped in paper.

Our aim is to make it plain that Christmas is also about generosity – and indeed generosity in spite of it all.  It is about camels in the Arabian deserts as well as grumpy widows in the winds of Siberia.

This, we feel, is the real theme of Christmas as it is celebrated all around the world, not just in storytelling but also in puppetry and ballad.

Thus Snail Tales offers stories that will expand the cultural awareness of the children you teach and develop their literacy skills, while giving them a sense of fun in a way they may not come across through any other source.

We offer Christmas storytelling as a full-day and a half-day programme which can include an assembly suitable for the whole school and/or stories for individual classes.  We also offer an optional free after-school staff training session with every whole day booking.

There is more information on www.snailtales.org/christmas. You can also ask us to pencil you into our diary by completing our online booking form.

Or, if you have an immediate question, please do either:


Leavers Hoodies are for Primary Schools too!

Once thought of as only for Secondary schools, leavers’ hoodies are now being seen by primary schools as a method of raising their profile within their local area.

With many companies simply refusing to do small orders, it can often be difficult for smaller primary schools.  That’s where we can help.

At LEAVERSGEAR we are all set up for you. 

The LeaversGear website is bang up-to-date with the latest 2017 design suggestions AND we now have INTERACTIVE PAGES for you to get an idea of how your hoodies might look.

Click here  to be taken straight there.  Have a play – it’s FUN!!

See what other staff think.

At this stage, just enquire by clicking here.  You will receive specific information on pricing, an order form and a draft of what your hoodies could look like – with your logo and school name etc.

AND….We can even send you some FREE samples to help with colour choice and that all important task, sizing.  NO charge, no deposit, no complicated authorisations….Just ask and they will be delivered withing 48 hours.

We make it all hassle-free and we keep you right on track throughout the process which we have simplified to one simple order form.

We don’t just do Leavers hoodies and T shirts; we can do customised clothing for any purpose e.g. casual uniform, school trips, outdoor activities, sports hoodies etc.

Remember, all you have to do is click this link and we will email you right back with your own specific quote and full information..

We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards
The LeaversGear Team

E-mail: enquiries@leaversgear.com
Freephone: 0800 9545662
Phone: +44 (0) 28 91853974



Resources and Support from ATM

ATM logo

ATM Resources with activities for problem solving, reasoning, collaborative working, developing independence and much more….

Recommend for you…


Assessment in the New National Curriculum – an ATM perspective
A brilliant collection of tasks that illustrate how teachers can use ordinary classroom practice as the basis for assessment.  54 page + PDF slides

Learning Mathematics with Origami
Practical advice and activities on how to use origami with learners while offering opportunities to thinks creative, justify decisions and opinions and deepen understanding and reasoning.

Mathematical Imagery
An extensive collection of activities and writings on various aspects of imagery with a diverse collection of images and example questions for use in the classroom

Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice
A collection of meaningful projects for the Secondary classroom that encompass collaborative problem-solving while promoting discussion and engagement.

We Can Work It Out – collaborative Problem Solving for the Mathematics Classroom
This ATM best seller is a photocopiable book containing sets of group problem-solving cards to challenge and develop reasoning in the classroom.

Thinking for Ourselves
A fantastic book for KS1 and 2 containing activities to encourage chilldren to think by themselves or in a group and comes with a PDF of resource cards and activities to use alongside the problems.

See the full Publications Catalogue that feature some ‘flavour of…’ activities as well as our most popular resources.

You can also view all our resources in the ATM online shop.

Members of ATM receive discounts on resources as well as all the other benefits of membership.

Find out more

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM)

Members can now Join ATM at any time and receive twelve months of membership, including instant access to member discounts and resources.  You can spread the cost over ten monthly instalments from as little as £4.70 for NQTs and £5.00 for personal members per month.  Joining will give you access to thousands of activities, ideas, research, discussion,  resources and publications covering everything from problem solving and reasoning to collaborative working, developing independence and much more…   www.atm.org.uk

A cocktail of mismatched and ill-considered elements

What is one of the simplest ways to ensure that your school signage isn’t a cocktail of mismatched and ill-considered elements?

So often the signage of a school is a cocktail of mismatched and ill-considered elements – the product of years of piecemeal additions. And, as a result, the opportunity to convey a cohesive message and a sense of school values to visitors, including Ofsted, is lost.

But for now, I just want to focus on one element – the school’s external noticeboard. For a school’s external noticeboard is something that visitors not only see first, but which is typically utilised and scrutinised more than any other, particularly by parents.

Indeed, if you are looking to buy an external noticeboard for the school which will make use of the opportunity to convey a cohesive message and a sense of school values to visitors or if you would like to replace your school’s noticeboard because it is failing to make use of this opportunity, Greenbarnes can certainly help.

We regularly supply schools with a range of external notice boards – from aluminium and hardwood to man-made timber – so you are sure to find an external notice board on our online shop which will suit the look and feel of your school.

Please do call us on 01280 701093 and we’ll be pleased to discuss our boards, send you a brochure, and give any advice and guidance that you may require.

Michael Barnes


Free presentation on Hurricane Matthew

Give students an insight into how a charity responds to a humanitarian emergency and challenge them to support those affected

It’s just two weeks since Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti. Over a thousand people have been killed and more 2.1 million people have been affected.

Download our Hurricane Matthew presentation for schools

Our teams are on the ground, caring for injured people, distributing mobility aids including wheelchairs and making sure aid reaches the most vulnerable people living in isolated areas.

Can your school help by holding a Bring A Coin For Haiti collection, holding a non-uniform day or bake sale during morning break? Our free Presentation (PDF slideshow with notes) for assemblies, lessons or tutor groups gives an insight into the situation on the ground and what Handicap International is doing right now to support the most vulnerable.

Andrénise, seen in this photo with her young son, was hit by a brick during the hurricane. She tells us, “I thought I was going to die, I screamed for Jesus to save me”. Please can you help our emergency teams in Haiti respond to this awful disaster in one of the poorest countries in the world.

For a Fundraising Pack please email schools@hi-uk.org or call me on 0870 774 37 37.

Thank you for supporting our emergency response,

John McGeachy

Handicap International UK

P.S. Does your school have a community action or charity coordinator? Please can you forward this on to any staff member that you think may be interested.

Discussion starter video ideal for Tutor-periods or Lessons


Take-One.TV is a free discussion-starter resource ideal for school Tutor Periods and Lessons.

We are delighted to provide a free Take-One resource based on Disney’s Queen of Katwe (releasing in UK cinemas this Friday, 21st October). This is the vibrant true story of Phiona Mutesi (Madina Nalwanga), a young girl from the slum of Katwe in Kampala, Uganda. When she meets Robert Katende (David Oyelowo) she finds the confidence and determination she needs to pursue her dream.

The one-minute Take-One video features the popular singer/songwriter Alicia Keys reflecting on the film and commenting that ‘when women are empowered, the world changes’.


The one-page Teacher’s Guide accompanying this Take-One episode supports discussion around the questions posed in the video:

  • Why does empowering women make such a difference to the world?
  • What will it take to enable everyone to fulfil their potential?

It provides a few Key Facts to build the discussion, such as how research has shown that increases in women’s income correlates with improved outcomes for their families (e.g. leading to greater expenditure on family welfare, nutrition and girls’ education) compared to similar increases in men’s income.


Disney’s Queen of Katwe stars David Oyelowo, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and newcomer Madina Nalwanga. It is directed by Mira Nair and opens in the UK on October 21st.


The problem hidden in every school

How do you know if every child can hear everything that is said?

Imagine a child who doesn’t hear everything said in the classroom perfectly clearly.

He/she might well not admit there is a problem for fear of drawing attention to him/herself.   After all, not too many children actually ask to sit at the front!

So the situation continues.  The hearing deficit may be modest but, combined with poor acoustics in the room or extraneous noise from outside, it can lead to the child missing a lot.  The child resorts to asking a friend what was said, what the homework was and so on.  And work suffers.

A problem with hearing in the classroom, whether it is because the child suffers from hearing loss or has difficulty hearing because of the acoustics of the room, can go on for years without being spotted.

Any issues of this sort, whatever their cause, can be resolved quickly and easily by using a Soundfield system – a system already used in hundreds of schools across the UK.

In order to show how positive the benefits of a Soundfield system can be we can offer a free trial in a classroom in your school. You simply tell us when it is convenient to visit your school and we come in, set up the equipment, and show the relevant teacher how to use it.

The whole process takes about 15 minutes and you can then keep the equipment for up to three weeks. If you like it and it is having a beneficial effect on the learning in school, then great, we will leave you an invoice. If not, then we’ll come and collect it.

Alternatively if you would like us to have a look at your school hall and offer some advice regarding simple equipment to help ensure the school is complying with the relevant regulations in relation to visitors and pupils who are hard of hearing, we will be pleased to help.

To arrange a free three-week trial in a classroom or to invite us to take a look at a larger area such as an assembly hall please do:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Phil Boswell


As of April 2016 we are very proud to be … by Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Manufacturer and Supplier of Audio Equipment …  https://www.royalwarrant.org/directory?query=connevans


Behind the film Industry Conference 2016

Wednesday 30th November 2016

Programmed especially for teachers and lecturers of film and media, the Film Industry Conference offers an exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ audience with the people who bring you the biggest blockbusters and the best specialised cinema from around the world.

Who should attend?

The conference offers a highly relevant CPD opportunity to both new and returning delegates. Whether you are an established teacher, department head, or new to film and media, the format is highly engaging, informative and current.  All delegates will receive up-to-date materials from the sessions that can be taken straight back to the classroom.

The day will be broken down into three sessions

Session 1
Production case studies – two presentations looking at the production process of two recent films.

Paul Brett of Prescience and producer of “A Street Cat named Bob” and Rebecca O’ Brien, producer of Ken Loach’s “I Daniel Blake” will be presenting case studies of these two films! For those of you who have attended the conference in the past you’ll remember the in depth information given by these two outstanding producers.

Session 2
The art of Distribution –looking at both a blockbuster and a more specialised film, presenters will show, among other things, how they define the potential audience for a film, develop an advertising campaign as well as develop other promotions around a film.

Session 3
The future of cinema

Is cinema dying? How do audiences currently consume film and what does the future hold? A panel of industry experts will discuss what the future holds for film and the ways in which they see film being consumed in the future.

The conference will be held at:
Kingsway Hall Hotel
66 Great Queen Street
Covent Garden

For more information please go to: http://www.thefilmspace.org/behind-the-film-industry-2016

FDA100 – Film Distribution Now

It’s great to see just how many of you have been using the FDA 100/ Film Distribution Now web resource.  If you haven’t had a look yet then click on the link below

Packed with information, film trailers and interviews with a variety of distributors and experts, your students can get a great snapshot of not only what is happening in film distribution now but also can gain an oversight of the ways in which film distribution developed over the past 100 years.

Go to FDA100 

The Film Space seeks to encourage and build an understanding and appreciation of the moving image, in all its forms, amongst children and young people in full time and higher education.

In addition to our conferences and workshops The Film Space provides teachers and educators free of charge access to a library of over 400 film related teaching resources at www.thefilmspace.org and www.filmeducation.org


Research: students who use web-based testing progress at a faster rate

Students who regularly test their literacy and numeracy skills with web-based games progress fastest overall across the subjects

According to recent research, carried out by Andrew Gallacher (an education coordinator at the University of Glasgow), students who regularly test their numeracy and literacy skills with web-based games progress fastest overall across the subjects.

Which is exactly why Education Quizzes exists – and why we are offering free sign up for schools to Education Quizzes for a whole year.

Our library of KS3 RE education quizzes covers an extensive range of topic areas, making them ideal for revising the knowledge that your students have learnt in their RE lessons, past and present.

Education quizzes are also ideal to set as homework tasks as it involves little to no PPA time – giving you more time to focus on planning and preparing future lessons and assessing the work of your students from lessons which have gone before.

To see the KS3 RE education quizzes that we have produced thus far, toggle through the Topic area links below. Alternatively, you can email admin@educationquizzes.com to request more information.

And if you would like to sign up free to Education Quizzes for a year, simply visit our schools’ registration page – www.educationquizzes.com/schools-uk-registrations/.

Topic areas








Lesser Known Religions

See all topic areas



Make Your New KS3 Science Amazing

How does a Body in a Box help to make the latest KS3 Science Curriculum truly amazing?

Curriculum changes often make for the most challenging start of the school year.  With new criteria, new lesson plans and new assessment techniques for KS3 science – it is highly likely to be the case this year.

However, the core objectives have not changed.  We all, as teachers, want to give our students the best possible learning experiences – so they can consider and solve problems they face in the world around them.  This is particularly important today – with STEM skills valued so highly by employers across a broader than ever range of professions.  Thinking scientifically gives students an advantage.

The latest incarnation of the curriculum includes a more demanding ‘Working Scientifically’ focus in an attempt to do this.  But, the real secret of success is to find a method of motivating students to such an extent that they want to study science and actually enjoy thinking like a scientist.

It is the reason workshops from Thinkers in Education focus on skill development whilst delivering enrichment and extension activities related to some of the most challenging curriculum content.

Consider the ‘Body in the Box’ hands-on workshop for up to 72 pupils in a day.

Students are challenged to identify a missing person from human bones found in an abandoned car.  It sounds nasty – especially when they discover the bullet hole in the skull.  But, throughout the 15 years we have delivered specialist workshops, we have found the more intriguing and realistic the scenario, the more game-like and competitive the activity – the more involved the students become and the more successful their learning.

‘Body in the Box’ includes DNA electrophoresis and forensic anthropology.  The workshop builds upon specific criteria in the new KS3 & 4 curriculum whilst being set within an exciting storyline, with emotive music, fast-paced challenges and finely-honed presentation techniques to maximise engagement.  With records to beat and prizes to be won, science is a truly amazing experience.

Best of all, this can all be delivered at practically no cost to the school.

To explore the wealth of workshop options available to your school and to learn how to minimise costs you can visit the website, email information@thinkersineducation.co.uk or call 01603 520 866.

Matt Hackett
Thinkers in Education


How do we make school choirs ‘cool’ again

 How music teachers can make singing
in the School Choir ‘cool’ again

As a music teacher, you are no doubt aware of the benefits that singing brings to a school group. The benefits of singing in a choir are many and various, but undeniably singing is good for respiration and both physical and mental alertness and also helps build pupil’s self-assurance. Because singing involves many different areas of the brain acting in concert, there are often associated cognitive benefits, such as improvements in children’s reading ability and memory.

As a mum of two adopted children who are, I have to say, well balanced, happy and healthy there is no denying that they both have additional needs or areas that require extra consideration. My daughter has working memory problems but not where singing is concerned; this is an area where she excels and obviously gives her great confidence as she doesn’t have a problem remembering song lyrics at all, but she does struggle to read. It is fantastic to see her so happy when singing and really excel when so many times she is aware that she isn’t the same standard as her peers in other areas.

But for today’s modern pupil, being able to sing in the choir is not always deemed to be a really ‘cool’ attribute to have. So how do we as music teachers overcome that hurdle? how do we inspire our pupils to want to join the choir? How do we inspire pupils that being in the choir is a great attribute to have?

As a music teacher and founder of Voice in a Million, I visit many schools presenting two hour workshops for the choir and often entire year groups. At the start we always have a number of pupils that don’t really want to be there, expecting the sessions to be traditional hymns or full of songs for girls! Perhaps the word CHOIR should be changed for today’s students? By the end of the session we generally have a fully engaged set of students be it primary or senior, generally mixed gender and always having fun! As a teacher our main aim is to ensure children thrive and grow as individuals, understand the way society expects them to behave, and develop great morals, ethics and life skills. Everything else is a bonus! Singing allows children of all ages to really express themselves, and to be able to do that is a talent!

We have been running our annual school singing event (Voice in a Million) since 2009. And nearly 100,000 pupils have taken part. We founded VIAM to give a voice to the thousands of children in the care system; and what better voice than the sound of 5,000 children of all ages, singing in harmony.

VIAM focus very heavily on the choice of songs. Despite the need for us to convey our message, the key is to engage the children, and song choice is crucial! We can keep every child focused as long as our choice of songs is varied, and we incorporate current songs. Children are happy to learn songs they don’t know that fit with the theme of a show as long as they know that they are going to be performing songs they really love at some stage of evening. Our choreography is current, dynamic and tailored for the children who take part….. If “A DAB” is the move of the moment then VIAM will incorporate that… if it’s Whip Nay Nay then so be it ….. Entertainment and fun intertwined with a great script make for success and engage not only the students but the teachers. It has worked for the last seven years and I am sure it will continue to do so !

If you would like to hear more about Voice in a Million and how you can join us with your choir at the SSE Arena, Wembley, on one of our next events on the 8th or 9th March, email team@voiceinamillion.com or visit our website at www.voiceinamillion.com.

Jo Garofalo

Music Teacher & Founder of Voice in a Million

Voice in a Million Ltd
The Old Fire Station | Corrie Rd | Addlestone | Surrey | KT15 2HS
Tel 01932 859667 |  team@voiceinamillion.com | www.voiceinamillion.com


Reintegrating Pupils Missing Education

Dear Colleague,
How do you remove barriers to education for students who are in inclusion and exclusion, school refusers or students that are missing education at your school and what strategies do you have in place to improve their progress?
Do you feel that it can be time–consuming to prepare individual learning pathways and structured work for pupils who are in inclusion, excluded, disengaged, vulnerable or those following an Alternative Curriculum?
Would you like to be able to offer additional support in English, Maths and Science to your students who have mental health or behavioural issues or these missing education through our virtual classroom?
We would like to help you make your establishment totally inclusive by providing solutions to all of these concerns through our remote learning platform.
Our virtual classroom and learning resource will help you meet the academic needs of all your students, particularly those with issues surrounding behaviour and attendance.
With EDLounge, an innovative and unique online learning and reporting platform, you can create a positive, inclusive learning environment for your pupils.
  • A virtual platform unique for your establishment to help educate your mental health and vulnerable students
  • Over 7,000 knowledge and understanding lessons for an extensive range of subjects
  • Numerous learning pathways and schemes of work for English, maths and science
  • Brand new software to support your strategy for assesment without levels
  • Offers online support to students via our e-learning platform
  • Enhance the provision of your Alternative Curriculum
  • Engages and motivates pupils with a unique reward system
  • Helps increase attainment and develop levels of numeracy and literacy
  • Over 70 educational games to promote fun learning (with a few on the Google Play Store that you can download for free!)
Our unique approach makes EDLounge the perfect resource for students who are in inclusion or exclusion, alongside vocational and foundation learners, target groups, and students who are vulnerable, at risk, not attending classes, persistently absent, not doing homework, disengaged or demotivated.
For more information about EDLounge, a two week free trial or a live online demo of the functionality of the online learning platform, contact us on 01909 568 338 or by email with the subject ’Engage16’ at mail@edlounge.com.


New university multi-use sports facility set to benefit students, staff and local community

The University of York is getting set for more sporting success with the addition of a new multi-use sports facility.

Rubb Buildings Ltd has been selected to design, manufacture and construct the 40m wide x 55m long steel and fabric clad structure at the University’s Sports Centre. The new sports structure will replace a Rubb BVE building, which was installed in 2006, measuring 40m span x 55m long, with 5m high sidewalls, a duo-pitch roof and an apex height of 9.8m (8.6m internal centre height).

The new sports facility will feature a taller apex height of 13.4m and provide a higher internal clear centre height of 11.9m. The Mansard, multi-pitch roof provides a greater internal volume of playing space at 20,600m3.

The sports building will include a central, premier standard, multi-sports court for recreational and performance level basketball, netball, badminton, futsal and volleyball.

The area can be divided into three sections, which can each accommodate a basketball or volleyball court or up to four badminton courts. With vertical netting the facility can be transformed to create a full hall show court for all sports including basketball, which will be supported by drop-down basketball nets and three scoreboards.

The 6.7m high sidewalls and end gables will feature 80mm thick steel cladding, and Rubb’s Thermohall insulated fabric membrane will complete the roof of the facility.

Dale Robinson, Rubb UK’s Structural Engineer, says: “We were delighted to be approached by the university to replace the existing temporary Rubb sports structure. The new permanent facility had a brief to provide a greater internal height clearance to give the university better opportunities to achieve more competitive sports events within the facility; with the main emphasis on badminton.

“The new sports building has an increased internal height clearance and has an increase of internal clear volume of 65% of the existing temporary structure. This allows for a wider range of sports, will enhance the experience of the users and give a greater sense of space.

“The new facility incorporates many enhanced services and sporting equipment and the co-ordination has been paramount to ensure every item is catered for in the design. The building was designed to utilise the existing foundations and a rigorous design process took place to ensure there were minimal modifications. The university will benefit greatly from the new facility, which I am sure will enhance their highly renowned sports programme.”

Gerfloor Taraflex™ Sport M sports flooring will provide the highest level of performance, comfort and safety and 2.4m high rebound boards will be fitted to the full internal perimeter. The sports building will also include a storage room for sports equipment. One main glass panel entrance door, six double pedestrian doors and one 4m x 4m roller shutter door provide access and egress to the sports hall.A dividing glass partition will be constructed between the playing area and the viewing walkway. A high level, gas fired heating system and LED lighting system, both designed to Sport England specifications will be installed in the sports facility.

While the building will be used primarily for sport, it will also be available for conferences and academic exam hall provision.

About Rubb Buildings Ltd

Rubb Buildings Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of custom made relocatable engineered fabric structures.

Highlights include ground-breaking military buildings (aircraft hangars, shelters, storage facilities), specialist sports buildings and structures for a variety of sectors including aviation, ports, construction, bulk storage and environmental (waste and recycling).

All products are designed and manufactured at Rubb’s UK plant at the Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. The company was founded in 1977 and has a proud history of delivering innovative and quality structures to a wide range of clients.

The Rubb Group also has plants in the USA and Norway.

Rubb Buildings Ltd contact details:

For further information please contact Marketing Manager Clare Wilson on (0191) 482 2211, email c.wilson@rubb.co.uk or visit www.rubbuk.com


Grofar MIS Integration Released – Grofar effortlessly syncs student data from your school MIS

Bristol, United Kingdom – 13th October 2016 – The Bristol-based software company, Grofar, has recently announced that their latest update now connects directly to your schools MIS system. Schools using SIMS, Facility CMIS, Progresso, Bromcom MIS, Integris G2 and SchoolBase can now sync all of their student information effortlessly.

Having quick access to relevant and accurate information is core to running a successful careers programme. Grofar now imports school, student, teacher and parent data seamlessly. Data is synced daily so that information is always kept up-to-date.

Grofar have partnered with Groupcall to harness the power of their ‘Xporter on Demand’ service to provide a robust and secure solution.

“We were thrilled to have Grofar choose Xporter as their integration partner from a competitive field. As a business critical partnership, Grofar are joining the UK’s most trusted and successful provider of MIS integration services and will be one of the first to utilise our next generation ‘Xporter on Demand’ service. With our support, they were able to integrate with multiple MIS in record time. The Grofar development team have seamlessly incorporated the data sharing consent process into their product which puts schools in control of the data they share. The user experience and flow to get the data moving is very slick and flexible, and simple wizard based setup puts users in full control, making them one of our more impressive integrators.”

Adrian Bantin, Partner Manager, Groupcall Ltd

This is just part of their ongoing commitment to continually improve Grofar for the Grofar community and respond to customer feedback.

Grofar was established in autumn 2014, by the award winning team that created Schoolcomms, the integrated solution for parental engagement. Grofar offers a fully SIMS integrated, careers guidance management solution that significantly reduces the time careers leaders and co-ordinators spend on administration. Grofar helps every school to meet Statutory Guidance, satisfy Ofsted and implement the Gatsby benchmarks whilst engaging students, businesses, alumni, parents and SLT.

If you would like to find out how Grofar can connect to your school MIS please contact a member of their team on 0117 315 5261 or email hello@grofar.com

For a complete list of benefits and features please visit the Grofar website  http://www.grofar.com


Linda Wettergreen – lindawettergreen@grofar.com
St Nicholas House
31-34 High Street
Bristol BS1 2AW
0117 315 5261

What more can you do to create an exciting and dynamic learning environment for the children of today?


What more can you do to create an exciting and dynamic learning environment for the children of today?

It could be argued that it is harder than ever to create an exciting and dynamic learning environment which will enhance children’s creativity, imagination and academic knowledge – not least because education is perhaps more structured now than it has ever been with regard to the curriculum and inspections from Ofsted.

And so it is for this reason that all our resources have been carefully selected, so that you can deliver the curriculum in exciting and innovative ways. Our extensive array of product categories range from arts and crafts, classroom furniture and outdoor learning, to EYFS, KS1 and KS2 curriculum based resources.

Early Years Resources has over 24 years of experience providing educational resources to schools and supply over 6000 resources selected by our expert team of teachers and specialists. Our catalogue of resources also includes a selection of innovative and exclusive products designed and developed by members of the team.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our customer service, price matching and the multiple channels for ordering that we offer – online, over the phone, via fax, post or email.

To view our range of products visit our website or request a catalogue online. For any other information, feel free to contact us on 0161 865 3355.



Understanding what is happening in the Middle East

Middle East Education



October 14th 2016

Recent Upheavals in the Middle East, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

By Muslim and Jewish speakers together

To book or for more information:

Much is happening in the Middle East which raises many questions. Our talks endeavour to address these issues.

The talks are given by two speakers together a Muslim and a Jew, who explore all issues with honesty and balance giving both sides of the story.

NEW. Age appropriate presentations for all ages and abilities, with many bright photos and maps. (see our website www.middleeastedu.co.uk for examples)..

Talks can be requested which give a brief history, or a human, social, historical or religious aspect of the current situation, or on a relevant alternative subject. For example, refugees, habitation of Palestine, security barriers, Jerusalem, Iran, Syria and ISIS.

Cost. Travel costs (train or car mileage), plus a voluntary contribution towards other expenses.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Ann Smith

Charity Number 1165459

How to get the Maths E&E Grant – closing 30th of October

Inviting a speaker to do a special day in school sounds like a great idea. The children will have a special time, the teachers get a break from the routine of everyday teaching and a few more boxes get ticked.

Where do we start in choosing a speaker or activity if they haven’t been recommended or seen in action? And of course there is a cost. A parent of a pupil may be a great choice for an assembly if they work in a field that promises to inspired the next generation, if they know how to talk to a large audience of young people. Perhaps a STEM Ambassador or an academic from the nearest university will be available. All of these free of charge.

Maths Busking

Of course with cost-free speakers it is harder to negotiate the event details, the style of talk or activity and make requests on the presentation itself. This is where hiring a professional makes a difference. A professional activity provider will ask the client what is the goal of the event, what is the overall message the students are to take with them. It will also try to understand the dynamics of the school and if there are particular aspects to be touched on.

Does a grant to cover this sound too good to be true? Well, it is in the remit of the STEM Directories and the Clothworkers Foundation to give all young people a rich educational experience. So the grant scheme is open once again so that teachers can chose a speaker or activity of their liking to inspire pupils and teachers with maths.

Here at Maths Busking we treat each individual event as bespoke. We write new material if necessary – as we did for Special Needs School that wanted a maths day for all children, including students that could not talk or count beyond 3. We may create a new format like we did at a secondary school that wanted to take maths into other subjects during the schools’ Maths Day – we created the Lesson Hijack where we interrupt lessons during for a short 10-15 min show. We may suggest a Masterclass for the most keen students in a day full of Stage Shows for the younger students that have never seen maths as a show. Etc. It is a dialogue.

So when we receive enquiries from schools wishing to apply to the Maths E&E grants the Royal Institution of Great Britain to cover our costs we know our approach to bookings will help the school succeed in the application. It is a very simple process asking for the teacher to show they have thought on how the event will impact in their teaching and what the legacy will be.

For more info about Maths Busking and examples of our material just click the little images icons for each trick at http://www.mathsbusking.com. Workshop topics include Using Fractions to Untangle Rope, How To Stay Alive (using Powers of Two), Getting into Shapes (exploring 3D shapes), as well as working out mathematical card tricks (no magic nor gambling).

To request a brochure please do call 078 430 21 209 or email maths@mathsbusking.com.

Dr Sara Santos, Mathematician and performer

Maths Busking

How can your school avoid the ‘learning a language’ trap?

Teachers can be under-confident when teaching foreign languages in the classroom because they do not have the language skills. What’s the most effective way of supporting your staff in the teaching of French, Spanish or German?

Avoiding the trap …
Have you been in the scenario where the teachers have been informed that they have to teach a language and seen the panic on their faces? Suddenly they have to read, write, speak and teach it to the children. Most teachers race on line to hunt through the mixed bag of resources.  Imagine their surprise if they could be provided with a proven resource that enables them to teach a language, they do not know, effectively.

Finding the resource …
What is the right resource? A resource which gives instant lessons, lesson plans and games, with sound, which are effective and fun. A resource which promotes linguistic confidence.

EDpaX offers …
Lessons that develop the teaching of French, Spanish or German in the Primary classroom.

There are 28 topics specially developed for teachers required to teach a foreign language using the interactive whiteboard. No preparation is needed! There are 500+ teaching pages, with sound, including games and activities. Each language introduces and reinforces initial language, spelling, vital verbs, simple sentence structure and small paragraphs. Colourful and effective interactive whiteboard language lessons and games at your fingertips! These instant lessons bring fun to language learning for both the teachers and the children. Ideal for all Primary school teachers.

Photocopy Workbooks each containing 56 differentiated photocopy pages which reinforce and consolidate every topic are included as a SPECIAL OFFER. Planning grids detailing the language used in each topic are there too.

Check out the product at  http://www.edpax.com/languages-mfl/

Want to try before you buy? Please download a full FREE interactive whiteboard teaching topic from Free Resources at http://www.edpax.com/free-resources/languages/

Do you need more information? Please email info@edpax.com or call 0845 4752289

One language product contains 2 disks plus the photocopy workbook for only £350

(excl. VAT and p&p). One-off purchase with full site licence.


A Proven way to Reach and Engage your Students Missing Education

EDLounge Ltd launched EDVirtual (Our Virtual Classroom) in 2016 so that your establishments can target and educate those students with mental health issues, using your own teachers, mentors and qualified support staff, to educate learners in any situation.

We provide a safe and secure learning environment for hard to reach students, allowing them to achieve whilst offering educators our online platform and safeguarding tools. This will ensure each student reaches their full potential in a controlled and safe environment. Every learner has a unique and personalised learning pathway that enables them to follow a structured timetable of learning.

This is also a perfect resource to educate and teach students who are school refusers, demotivated, vulnerable, school phobic, long term sick, distance learners, persistently absent or students struggling with mental health issues.

edlounge image

Educate Those Students Missing Education

By using EDVirtual your teachers will be helping the process of re-engaging and re-integrating students back into education. Your teaching staff have the opportunity to use the virtual classroom to support students with any issues highlighted with their own learning pathway.

Our Virtual Learning Classroom

Our unique safeguarding tools have been developed with these students in mind, to give educators the best opportunity to deliver lessons to off-site students whilst monitoring their behaviour and safety. All virtual lessons can be streamed live for teacher viewing and are also recorded, automatically saved and sent direct to the establishment daily to ensure safeguarding all round.

The proven Virtual Classroom will allow you to:

  • View students’ learning live via a secure server stream
  • Mentor students through a written chat, verbal chat or face to face video link
  • Set structured and personalised learning pathways for individual students, using school content or by using 7,000+ ready-made lessons provided
  • Communicate face to face with students who are learning off-site

Request further information about EDLounge and EDVirtual with just one click.

For more information about our services, a two week free trial or a live online demo, contact us on 01909 568 338 or by email at mail@edlounge.com

Geography Fieldtrips Overseas

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the launch of our dedicated Gapforce website for schools at the address and link below.


We hope that this provides ideas and inspiration for your future trips and we would be delighted to assist with any enquiries that you have for future programs at the school.

We really believe that the life changing experience and skills students gain from overseas school trips is invaluable.

Our Expedition leaders are highly qualified and enjoy making your trip an amazing experience. They are what makes us unique and are central to what we do. Not only do they ensure your schedule is carried out to the letter as booked, but they add immeasurable value to every trip with their enthusiasm energy and knowledge. Your safety is our main concern at all times and we conform to strict UK safety standards and carry out regular risk assessments and checks on all our expeditions.

We would be delighted to hear from you, and put together a program to suit the specific interests and needs of the school.

Kind regards,

James Catterall • Manager
Hurlingham Studios, Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham, SW6 3PA United Kingdom
Mainline: +44 (0)207 736 2769 | Email: james@gapforce.org | Website: www.gapforce.org

Students love poetry and song!


To help schools enjoy and promote the reciting and learning of poetry, the Performance Poetry Society is offering Secondary Schools the opportunity of having Jim MacCool’s Poetry Shows to visit this autumn.

Jim MacCool’s Shows have proved to be suitable for all ages and abilities of secondary school pupils and will enrich and entertain your pupils and staff alike.

Here are some comments from Secondary schools after Jim’s visit.

Poet Jim MacCool’s visits to All Saints
On Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th November, Years 7 and 8 were given the opportunity to attend an interactive poetry workshop led by performance poet Jim MacCool. Rhythm was a key focal point of the session with Jim accompanying his verse with a variety of instruments and props. After initial shyness, the students (and staff) were soon clapping, singing and on their feet joining in. It was a thoroughly entertaining  event!

St. Paul ’s High School, Bessbrook
A packed house cheered and applauded Mr MacCool after each verse and Celtic song. Pupils volunteered to go up on stage and dance to Jim’s Irish Drum. Jim sang, recited poetry and played the Irish Drum as he recounted stories inspired by Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.
Roisin Patton, Drama teacher at the school, said of the performances, ‘Pupils were enthusiastic and involved throughout Jim’s performances. It was definitely worthwhile that he came along. Y9 Pupils, in particular, enjoyed ‘The Boxer’s Tale’ as well as the short question and answer session they had with Jim after that final performance’.

To find out how your school can take advantage of this opportunity and join in, please telephone me, Sandra Dennis on 0208 688 6951 or email performancepoetry@yahoo.com

for further details.

Working In Universities, Colleges, Schools,
Arts Centres, Libraries And Prisons


The Performance Poetry Society is the longest-serving provider of quality Poetry Services to Schools.

Performance Poetry Society
Tigh a Bhaird
15 Warwick Road
Stratford-upon Avon
CV37 6YW

Tel. 0208 688 6951

October is National Poetry Month
We operate throughout the year.


According to the latest NHS studies Childhood Obesity in reception years is on the decrease.

 However when looking at the figures of children in year 6 this isn’t the case.*

It seems that after reception, for whatever reason, children’s healthy eating and physical activity habits take a down turn. Although the number of both obese and overweight children decreased from 2006 – 2015, the level of childhood obesity in year six has actually increased.

Since the mid-noughties we’ve seen a grand change in school meals. From ‘Turkey Twizzlers’ to meals you may even be tempted to tuck into yourself. And there have been obvious efforts by schools to increase both awareness of the benefits of healthy eating and the amount of healthy meals available in their lunch time menus.

So why have we seen this increase?

It’s all fine having these options available to the children but are they actually working to actively encourage healthy eating. We believe ‘doing’ initiatives’ provide a much better framework for success.

By actively involving children in their eating it helps to cement the mentality. We provide Healthy Tuck Shop options and support for schools and we think it we be a great thing for you to start.

The children gain first-hand experience at choosing healthy foods for their tuck shop (we even welcome them to phone us themselves to order) as well as a great opportunity to gain some experience with a small business.

We haven’t met someone that doesn’t love it yet!

Take a look at our new leaflet here

You can either order online here, or equally give us a ring on 01206 391179 or send an email to orders@tastytubs.co.uk.

Also, we’ve just completed our 2nd month with B1G1 – the Global Giving Initiative, with our customers help, together, we’ve supplied schools in rural India with 205 days of e-learning for their children. You can find out more on our website, we’d love to have you involved!

All the best,

The Tasty Tuck Team

*Taken from the ‘Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet – England, 2016’ publication by the NHS. Published April 2016.