How to keep up with the World in STEM

Would you host more Specialist STEM Workshops if you knew parents would pay?

Research suggests that 75% of the fastest growing occupations require a skillset best developed in STEM subjects.  As a result, there has been a worldwide drive to include specialist STEM education in addition to the standard science curriculum.  The UK has been one of the leading nations in doing so in the past but we are starting to fall behind countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong as funding is becoming harder to find.

So, imagine being able to host leading enrichment and extension programmes without affecting the timetable or adding to teacher workloads.  More importantly, imagine hosting such workshops on a non-school day – knowing in advance that there was strong support from parents who would pay toward the costs in order to give their child that extra advantage for the future.

Now imagine being able to choose schemes with the added security that they have been proven to work and recommended by every host school for over a decade.

Thinkers in Education can offer you a way to do all of this with ease – in three simple steps:

  1. You request any of the available event dates in the year and we hold it for you on a provisional basis whilst we send you marketing materials to distribute. (Requesting a Saturday means the timetable is unaffected but term dates and holiday schools are also available)
  2. Your school distributes the materials to students/parents as you would details about a school trip.  You can choose from CSI Thrillers or Space Adventures.  This approach raises the profile of your STEM provision and makes it possible to gauge interest levels for your event.  We hold your date(s) for free for 21 days from the date you receive the materials.
  3. If student/parental interest proves to be high enough – your event costs will be covered and you confirm your date.  If not, we can cancel the event request or talk about alternatives.  Easy.  No Cost.  No Commitment.

Most schools are surprised by the number of parents eager for their son/daughter to be included in these extra-curricular programmes and minimum numbers are easily reached. Of course, Pupil Premium funding can be used too.

Every participant receives a certificate of achievement listing the STEM skills developed (a valuable addition to their portfolio when making applications for university and employment) whilst the school receives a performance report for every participant.

It is this level of detail combined with our ‘gamified’ learning style that helps to make our workshops an exceptional experience.  To find how to minimise the costs of your event please visit our website.

Alternatively, you can email or call us on 01603 520866

Matt Hackett

Thinkers in Education