A Level Edexcel Unit 3 and Unit 4 Pre-Releases (Summer 2016)

How will you handle the ‘Superpower Geographies’ AIB for Unit 3?
The new Edexcel Unit 3 Pre-release topic is out and this year it’s all about Superpower Geographies, specifically 21st Century Superpowers: India and China. A side by side comparison between the two most populous nations on the planet, exploring their differing strategies as they grow and develop is sure to be an exciting and engaging topic.

At this time of year many A Level Edexcel Geography teachers start frantically researching and preparing resources for the Edexcel Unit 3 Advance Information Booklet.  This year, don’t be one of them!

Following the success of last year’s Edexcel Unit 3 Pre-Release Resource Pack from ZigZag Education we are once again helping take the pressure off teachers and give your students the best preparation for their exams.

Not only does it provide activities to walk students through the AIB and get them thinking about the synoptic links to the other topics, but teachers and students alike get material to teach the background of the topic. 2 practice papers on both sections of the Unit 3 exam are included, each with a full mark scheme, specific to the topic, and ideal for a mock exam.

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Don’t forget Unit 4 –‘Option 1: Tectonics’
Volcanic and seismic processes are perhaps the most influential of the Earth’s natural phenomena in shaping the landscapes we live in. Despite their incredible destructive abilities they also have the power to create new landforms, indeed new land!

The Research steer is now available and for the first time we have two new resources supporting Unit 4 to help your students to deliver the perfect essays in the Unit 4 exam.

Pack 1: The Edexcel Pre-release Teaching & Research Pack: Tectonics can be used both this year and next year to see you through to the end of the current teaching specification. It focuses on the planning, structure and execution of the perfect essay – regardless of the research focus! It’s available for immediate dispatch.

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Pack 2: The Edexcel Pre-release Steer Pack: 2016 Tectonics targets the specifics of this year’s research focus material for Option 1 and helps to shape your students’ planning and research and get to grips with the most relevant aspects of the annual topic. It’s the perfect companion to Pack 1!

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The Edexcel Unit 3 Pre-Release Resource Pack (£59) and both Edexcel Unit 4 Pre-release Packs (£59 each) are available as photocopiable masters with site licence. Maximise your teaching flexibility – Go Editable:

  1. Easy-printing PDF files (add 30%+VAT), or
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