Where Next for Inclusion?

From Rhetoric to Rights

Conference at the Institute of Education,

20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL

Despite the law enabling young people and parents to have a choice about mainstream education and the Government’s commitment to the “progressive ending of barriers to inclusion”, little progress has been made. In fact the number of children and young people attending special and alternative provision has increased and there is little evidence that this commitment is being implemented.

The reasons often cited as barriers to inclusion are:

  • that mainstream schools don’t deliver the education children with SEND need
  • that having disabled children and young people in mainstream schools has a negative impact on other children and young people
  • that inclusive education is not possible without more money
  • that there is no evidence that inclusion works

This conference will demonstrate that these barriers are false and with a human rights perspective and the willingness to be flexible and to change, children and young people with SEN and disabilities can be included in mainstream education and thrive. Their presence is essential so that schools reflect the whole of society.

Many schools are inclusive and many more would like to be more inclusive. Please join us for this conference. We will not only share some fantastic experiences, we will also be discussing what needs to happen at a national, local, and school and college level to make progress with inclusion.

With the massive changes to education announced last week there has never been a better time to really think about what education is for and how all children can be valued and included.

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