What is the most effective way of using World Book Day to turn reluctant readers into enthusiastic devourers of literature?

Finding new ways of celebrating World Book Day each year can be difficult – and indeed it is always a fairly safe bet that some of the schools around you will be utilising similar ideas to those which have been used in the past.

But this year there is an approach which will not only engage many children who are not already regular readers of literature, but will also announce to everyone that your school is engaging with literacy in all its modern guises.

The idea is simple: launch an eBook library in your school.

An eBook library means that you don’t have to buy in stocks of library books, check them in and out, attempt to recover lost books, or worry about marked or damaged books.

In essence, pupils simply log in using a tablet or similar device, and then download the book of their choice which they can read wherever they are.

Well over 1000 schools have now moved over to ePlatform’s eBook library – running it alongside the conventional library.  Research shows print and eBooks complement each other to enable more students to discover the joy of reading.

What’s more, reading on devices such as tablets can better engage some children who are noticeably less keen on reading.   This can particularly be the case with children with visual impairments or dyslexia.

Also some children find that the fact that they can add highlighting and notes to what they are reading, as well as instantly look up the definition of a word, is of great benefit.

Research also suggests that reluctant readers are more engaged with an eBook, read for longer with an eBook, and are less likely to become distracted.

In fact, because digital technology is part of their world they actually feel more empowered with reading in this way.

ePlatform has thousands of eBooks available ranging from Roald Dahl to David Baddiel, from Star Wars to Daisy and Jack.  You can see details of our range on the website.

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Rachel Lindsay
ePlatform Business Development Manager, UK