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Preparing students for their next steps after school bring with it a new set of challenges, be it interviews, work experience, college, university or employment.

Qualifications are, of course, essential but alone they are not enough to guarantee success. Attitude, state-of-mind and communication skills are vital when taking that next step towards personal and career success.

If getting your students to make the link between these life skills, their qualifications and success is a challenge in your school, why not consider our Employable You workshop?

‘Employable You’ shares the art of excellent communication preparing students for the next stage in their education and their life.

In just two hours, using an interactive presentation, group work and engaging challenges, our Positively Mad presenter will motivate your students to understand how the powerful combination of learning, attitude and state-of-mind will shape their future and determine their levels of success.

The students will be empowered to plan and manage their own futures by learning how to: identify strengths, overcome weaknesses, define their USP (Unique Selling Point), sell themselves as a package and to realise that actions taken NOW will affect their future. They may even discover talents they didn’t even realise they possessed!!

‘Employable You’ raises aspirations, increases confidence and promotes effective decision making.
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Employable You
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