Understanding the issue of extremism and the PREVENT Duty in schools

The internet brings marvellous opportunities to children and young people with the ability to learn new skills and visit websites which engage and enrich their lives.

However, the internet also brings dangers such as online predators, who will try and contact children through websites and software applications.

The new resources available from E-safety Support will guide pupils, parents and teachers through the topic, helping identify the issue of online radicalisation and giving suggestions on how to protect against the threat of online extremism.

The resources were developed by Tim Pinto, member of the Educational Advisory Board for CEOP and experienced educational e-safety consultant.


Extremism Resources
Currently Available

     √ Assembly for pupils

√ Guidance for parents

√ Training for staff


E-safety Support for Schools E-safety Support offers schools a suite of resources to help keep pupils and staff safe online. These include:

  • Resources for students – including lesson plans and assembly plans
  • Guidance for teachers – special reports, regular articles and advice on e-safety issues
  • Tools for school management – including policy templates, training, parent support and audit tools

If you are interested in finding out more, join our free membership service for a selection of assembly plans including a teacher script and presentation, special e-safety reports for you and your colleagues, a news and information widget that could be added to your school website and regular e-safety bulletins.