Incident Management – A simple solution

Schools today are complex and demanding environments presenting a range of difficult situations.

Recent experiences have demonstrated the importance of effective safety and security – for both staff and pupils. This comes on top of corporate responsibility legislation to protect staff.

Managing these situations effectively requires a reliable and flexible communication system. Our range of communication solutions help you to deliver a safer learning environment for everyone.

Typical problems that we address or improve are;

  • Senior Leadership Team communication
  • Incident management
  • First aid and emergency response
  • Staff Safety and lone worker protection
  • Site security and intruder alerting
  • School evacuation or lockdown
  • Site & facility staff communication
  • Truancy patrols and disruptive pupil response teams

From simple, compact two-way radios that provide fast and direct communication across a campus to advanced digital systems that can integrate with fire alarms, panic buttons and door entry systems, Nationwide Radio Supplies has the experience you can rely on.

Site staff working alone can be protected with a range of measures – from radio mounted panic buttons to automatic man-down alarms – all integrated into the core radio system and keeping them in touch with colleagues throughout the school and off-site!

Even the simplest two-way radio systems help with everyday management around your campus by allowing you to pass messages and instructions quickly and easily. This ensures that staff and teams remain co-ordinated and informed at all times.

Our advanced bespoke solutions can be integrated with third party systems including email and mobile phones for complete flexibility and system redundancy.

With many years experience servicing the education sector we ensure that our solutions are cost-effective, simple and powerful.

You need complete confidence when choosing the right solution, so we can also offer free on-site demonstrations and trial periods, all without obligation.

Mention this email when responding and enjoy up to £20 additional discount per radio!

If you need more information or wish to discuss your schools requirements in detail, call us now on 0800 084 27 99 or email and we’ll get straight back to you.