Joining the DfE’s war against innumeracy.

The BBC and other well-known news’ services report that the DfE has declared war on innumeracy with upcoming policies that will result in pupils in England being tested on their times tables up to 12×12 at the age of 11 using an “on-screen check”.

According to the BBC the checks will be piloted to about 3,000 pupils in 80 primary schools this summer, before being rolled out across the country in 2017.

Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, commented: “Since 2010, we’ve seen record numbers of 11 year olds start secondary school with a good grasp of the three Rs. But some continue to struggle.”

“That is why, as part of our commitment to extend opportunity and deliver educational excellence everywhere we are introducing a new check to ensure that all pupils know their times tables by age 11.”

“They will help teachers recognise those pupils at risk of falling behind and allow us to target those areas where children aren’t being given a fair shot to succeed.”

Our Written Arithmetic Questions for Years one to six each provide thirty weeks of written arithmetic questions and will support you in joining the DfE’s war against innumeracy.

What’s more, times tables feature frequently throughout the question books which will support your pupils in their preparation for the upcoming on-screen times tables tests.

This volumes contain carefully graded arithmetic questions, each with their own full page answer sheet, and covers topics such as number, calculations and fractions.

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