Benchmark’s LOtC newsletter: Turning your classroom inside out

We recently set up a Facebook and Twitter page to accumulate a vast amount of Learning Outside the Classroom research, news, free resources, locations, ideas and transport solutions to make implementing LOtC easier for everyone.

Below is just an example of some of the LOtC items that we have shared with our Facebook and Twitter followers thus far.

Research and News

School field trips ‘help students engage with subjects’ (BBC)

What are Ofsted rather keen on? (Benchmark)

Learning-outside-the-classroom benefits report (Benchmark)

The joys of learning outside the classroom (SEN Magazine)

Children need more geography field trips says Michael Palin (The Telegraph)

How a school turned around its GCSE results by taking learning outdoors (TES)

We need fewer exams and more wilderness in education (The Guardian)

Free LOtC Resources

Educational talks for your class –

Educational resources and services –

Teacher packs and worksheets –

Workshops –

Free LOtC resources from Woodland Trust and The Pod

School trip locations and ideas

BECKs Training – outdoor activities and leadership and team building programs.

Woodland Ways – offers in depth instruction in Bushcraft & Survival Skills

The Muckleburgh Military Collection – the largest privately owned military Museum in the UK

Field Trip to the Apple Store – Inspiring collaboration and creativity

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English Basics posters – New posters added

It’s essential that all pupils and students have a sound grasp of the basics of English.

Give your teaching of the basics a real impact by using these pdf posters.

These colourful, snappy posters will have an immediate impact but can also be a continued point of reference.

At less than £30 for the set this is brilliant value. You can print as many copies of these as you like – have them in every classroom!

The posters cover: Adjectives; Adverbs; Alliteration; Antonyms; Connectives; Direct speech; First person; Hyperbole; Infinitive; It’s; Metaphor; Nouns; Onomatopoeia; Paragraphs; Personification; Pronouns; Reported speech; Rhetorical question; Sentences; Similes; Superlatives; Synonyms; Their; They’re; There; Third person; Vary your verbs; Verbs; Your; You’re.

There are 30 A4 pdf posters in all. The set is an ideal classroom resource. A PowerPoint version is also available for whiteboards and large display screens.

You can see all the posters here

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How to get Top Marks in Edexcel French IGCSE Writing Questions

The essay writing questions might seem daunting at first but this is one section of the paper where you, as the candidate, are in control. As long as you answer the questions and cover all the bullet points, you can decide what to write.

This is an easy way to score marks, and the writing sections of the paper count for 30 marks (10 for the shorter writing task and 20 for the longer writing task) which is 25% of the total marks. If you do well in this part of the paper it can make all the difference in being able to move up the grade boundaries.

This pack will explain what is required for the two writing questions for the Edexcel French IGCSE specification. Sample questions will be looked at, with tips for essay techniques, followed by sample essays, with examiners’ comments. Writing tasks from each of the topic areas will be looked at, for both the shorter and longer writing tasks.

The five topic areas are:

1. Home and Abroad
2. Education and Employment
3. House, home and daily routine
4. The modern world and the environment
5. Social activities, fitness and health

56 pages – Price £39.99 (excluding VAT)

Once purchased the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school.

To see sample pages please email quoting the order code H9231

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  • On our website
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  • By email (quoting a school order number) to
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Free A-Level presentation on resistance and resistivity

Ensure your students have a firm understanding of resistance and resistivity with our free presentation!

Using a combination of explanatory slides, animations and interactive activities, this presentation has everything you need to comprehensively cover:

  • Ohm’s law
  • Resistivity
  • Superconductors
  • E.m.f and internal resistance.

Try out the free presentation on our Doddle A-Level Science page!

Want to see more of what Doddle can do for your department? Book an in-school visit!

One of our Educational Consultants will give you a free tour of Doddle’s features and show you how the hundreds of resources can support your teaching through the year ahead.



Snacking is commonplace in Britain, and so children think it is natural. Does it matter? What should we do?

Children snack because that is what they see their parents and their peers do. It has become a normal part of life in Britain.

Having a snack, therefore, is often not a response to hunger (although many children will claim to be “starving” at any time of the day). Rather it is a cultural activity. It is common in some countries, virtually unknown in others.

In essence there is nothing much wrong with snacking in itself, but there is everything wrong with snacking too much and with snacking on the wrong foods.

And this is where the problem arises, because many children (along with many of their parents) simply don’t know what foods are healthy and which ones are not.

Which is why it is important that we help children to discover healthier food during childhood, rather than the foods that may lead them into overeating and ultimately being overweight (an issue for 64% of the UK population, according to Health England’s report in 2014).

And this is why we have set up Tasty Tuck Shop – a simple-to-run school tuck shop based entirely on healthy food and drink.

You pick and choose the snacks you sell, meaning your Tuck Shop stays varied and appealing – and your teaching colleagues can help the children understand more about the healthier options that the shop offers.

We make a Tuck Shop simple to set up, there are no set up forms, etc, and we supply posters, nutritional information, stands to display products, and an example letter to give to parents.

The snacks sell for as little as 35p, and our ‘Healthy Range’ fully complies with the new ‘National School Food Standards’ that were introduced January 2015.

You can find more information by clicking here.

Alternatively please do call James on 01206 391179 or email me at