Pupils, parents, and teachers can all be on the same page with an easy-to-use homework solution

It can be difficult to keep parents as informed as they’d like to be with their children’s homework. With all your school’s homework posted in one clear online calendar, parents can see the teacher’s task description for themselves without having to rely on what pupils have written down. With our free iOS and Android apps, parents can effortlessly view their child’s to-do list whenever they like.

Show My Homework was created by an Assistant Headteacher to solve the homework problems he was facing every day – getting a quick, accurate summary of school-wide homework and involving parents in the process.

This is why SMHW was built to be quick and easy-to-use and to provide a single place where everyone knows the homework is available all of the time. Parents are included and engaged, SMHW enables them to see what’s been set and when it’s due for all their children.

Show My Homework is now free for your KS1 pupils – click here for more info

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