Free Schools Solar Panels

Our ingenious renewable schools solar programme returns; for another two months . . . giving you a last chance to make immediate savings on your electricity without any costs to the school for the panels.

 Join us.

If you want to have immediate savings on your electricity costs, get renewable power but have no money, act now to secure:

·      Free PV panels

·      Free maintenance

·      Free education

·      Save money from day one by buying low cost renewable power

Join our existing schools network and register today. Over 60 schools have joined us; about 50 have systems from 20kWp to 200kWp.  Find out how you can save on your energy bills.

Our schools say:

“When we first saw the offer we thought it was too good to be true; install free, panels free, upkeep free.  But it’s true . . .”
Oasis Shirley Park – 50kWp

 “We are delighted to have the teaching resource and of course cheap electricity without the worries of capital and maintenance costs.”
                                                  West Park School – 50kWp plus another 100kWp

“The most professional and technically knowledgeable of everyone we have met. That is reassuring when you are about to get solar PV.”
Kingshott School – 30kWp

Our schools enjoy access to cheap power without any risks or responsibilities now or in the future. They see savings from day one.  Don’t miss this opportunity . . . . it will disappear very quickly.

Best wishes

Engynious SEEd Solar Team

07946 245 556

Government warning: Our offer is subject to changes in government support and that change is imminent.  We believe we may have two more months for this offer. Next time, our offer will not give you immediate savings; you will still be able to have panels for free but you will have to buy renewable power at price parity with mains supplies! If you want to see immediate savings on electricity costs join us without delay.