Storytelling is as old as civilisation, which is why the story is the ideal way to learn about Cambridgeshire’s history and characters.

It’s hard to imagine anyone who has not been fascinated by stories, whether told in the traditional manner or in children’s programmes on TV.  Children in all cultures, in all countries, love stories.

Indeed the story is something that never leaves us, whether we are captivated by novels, plays, films, or TV dramas. Most people retain the love of the story throughout all their lives.

And it is this universal love of the story that gives us a hint as to why we should use stories as one of our means of teaching, especially when dealing with local history and events.

Many of the stories we tell in Cambridgeshire schools have to do with local places and characters – indeed, The History Press are publishing these stories as a book, Cambridgeshire Folk Tales for Children, next year.

If you would like to see some evidence of the power of the story in terms of children’s learning and read about the research into why stories work as teaching aids, or indeed if you would like to know more about our work in schools, please click here.

You’ll be able to see just why schools across the county invite us in to tell stories to different classes.

Alternatively, you can call us on 020 328 SNAIL (020 328 76245), or email

Some charging lockers are more suitable for use in secondary schools than others.

Not all charging lockers are suitable for all situations, and there’s no doubt that secondary schools do have very particular requirements when it comes to such equipment.

Which is why we will be at the BETT Show in January at Excel London, on Stand G419, so that if you are at the Show you’ll be able to see exactly what I mean.  (More details at the end of this email.)

But, of course, I appreciate not everyone can get to the show, so I’ll explain further.

Charging lockers such as our LapLockers and BeSmart Lockers have been designed with schools in mind to include safety, security, and accessibility features that resolve the problems that you may well have to consider when it comes to charging and storing the school’s laptops.

And, of course, safety is always a top priority. Which is why our LapLockers have a multiplicity of safety features that go way beyond the legal requirements for charging lockers used in the workplace.

Indeed, these safety features aren’t just limited to electrical safety – our LapLockers, for example, are coated in anti-bacterial powder to reduce the spread of bacteria that populate the typical school setting.

What’s more, given that 43% of school crimes are thefts, our LapLockers have been designed to be particularly robust (with an all steel construction) to reduce the likelihood of your school falling victim to a break in.

The single doors feature a 3 point locking system as standard, and on some models we also have individual locking doors which make the task of stealing multiple laptops ever more challenging and time-consuming – exactly what thieves don’t want.

We also have a choice of locks, including combination locks, digital locks, and key locks – so you can decide which lock is more likely to prevent unauthorised access in the school day.  You can choose lockers that are unlocked with a wristband or with any one of a variety of types of access card, depending on the security level you need.

You can review all the details and see pictures of our LapLockers by visiting the following links – LapLocker8, LapLocker10 and LapLocker15. And you can review all the details and see pictures of our BeSmart Lockers here.

If you have any questions, please do call 01628 666 775 or email me at    And there is more on the Bett Show here. 

Ashley Hutton