FREE basic calcs or compasses for the maths department

FREE basic calcs or compasses for the maths department ….but is there a catch?

It’s always nice to get something for nothing … that’s what I’ve always believed, but sometimes there’s a catch.

This time, however, there is no catch. The deal is simple. Order a minimum of 50 Casio or LOGIK scientific calcs and you’ll receive one metal compass or one basic calc for every two calcs you order…. strictly while stocks last.

With exams not too far away it might be a good time to stock up on maths department resources. Choose from Casio, Sharp, Logik, Aurora and Texet calcs as shown on the website

There’s also a promotion on the Trident geometry sets which have proved popular with schools & colleges over many years.

Only 95p (300+) 99p (200+) £1.10 (100+) £1.15 (1-99)

Or you may prefer the “Value Maths Set” containing a metal compass and half pencil, two black ink ballpens, HB pencil, 15 cm ruler, 180 degree protractor, eraser and metal sharpener. Designed for use in the classroom as well as in exams, all components are packed in a convenient “exam friendly,” clear plastic zip up wallet.

Only £1.10 (200+) £1.15 (100+) £1.20 (1-99)

And if you really want to do your students a favour, you could provide them with the “Student Essentials” set which contains three quality ballpens (black ink), two HB pencils, metal sharpener, eraser, 15 cm ruler, all packed in an “exam friendly” clear plastic zip up wallet.

Only 75p (400+) 79p (200+) 82p (1-199)

Prices are ex vat. Please check our website for images of these products or for more details of other products. All offers are subject to availability.

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