Helping your students to enter the medical profession

At Gap Medics we offer students (aged 16 and over) the opportunity to see what the world of medicine is really like. Through our facilities they travel to Tanzania, The Czech Republic or Thailand to shadow experienced doctors and healthcare professionals.

Not only does this hospital work experience help students to make the right decision about their future career as a doctor, midwife, dentist or nurse, but it is also a useful addition later on for their applications to medical school.

In terms of the practicalities, students are met at the airport by one of our specialist staff team members and are looked after by an extensive staff team throughout their stay.

If you have any students who are interested in a career in medicine, please ask them to take a look at Alternatively they can call us on 0044 191 230 8080 or email us at and we’ll send a brochure in the post.


Samantha Bennett
Student Placement Team Leader

Visualising maths using 2D and 3D

“The most powerful, user-friendly IWB suitable and educationally focussed graphical software for maths”

This is typical of the feedback we receive from teachers who are using the latest Autograph maths software. It’s well worth upgrading to version 3.3 for classroom-ready activities and features.

Autograph enables you to visualise maths in 2D and 3D with ease, on your interactive whiteboard, PC or Mac. There are no difficult commands to learn; you just point and click.

It’s an interactive and visual resource which can be controlled from an iPad or Tablet wirelessly, leaving you free to move around the classroom.

All secondary and college maths topics can be brought to life with Autograph 3.3. Tessellate geometrical shapes over imported Islamic art, for example. Import a sports or architectural photo, fit a curve and find its equation. Bring in any data, analyse statistics with ease. Rotate volumes of revolution with ease to awesome effect.

By incorporating Autograph into maths lessons, schools have found that student engagement and motivation has considerably increased.

What’s more, it gives students a deeper understanding of the material compared to using more traditional teaching methods.

Autograph is easy to use. You will be proficient in only 60 minutes.

For further information and to see examples of Autograph being used in the classroom, take a look at our website.

Alternatively, please do give us a call on 01204 811001.

Lost Keys?

No Problem, just tell us the number on the lock and we will send you out a replacement.

Replacement keys for your lockers or cabinets are normally despatched within 24 hours of order.

Keys from as low £1 each *

*Please quote HH1 for this special rate or call for bulk discounts on locks and other key series

Key series        
  2 – 10 keys 11 – 50 keys 51 – 100 keys 100+ keys
66/67, 92, 95/96 £2.59 £2.00 £1.50 £1.00
36/37, 78, 97/98,CC £2.99 £2.50 £2.00 £1.50

Tel: 0208 343 2943

Email: to order online direct.

Is your web hosting provider giving you the flexibility you need?

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from Schools is how inflexible and unresponsive their current website hosting provider is. The causes can be because your web designer has left you with limited access to your website back-end or learning grid bureaucracy putting unnecessary barriers in-between simple requests.

Hosting your School websites with gives you full access to your website content and the flexibility to make changes when you need to. We specialise in web services for education and so we ensure our high quality and reliable servers cater for the variable high traffic nature of school websites and learning platforms. We pride ourselves on our dedicated support helpdesk team who provide efficient support when you need it most.

All our packages come with a Cpanel control panel enabling you to instantly install over 200 open-source applications and easily manage your domains, files and databases. If you need any help we’ll quickly provide all the support you need.

We have just upgraded our UK servers to high-performance instantly scalable virtualized configurations and we would love you to see for yourself just how powerful and flexible our new service is. We are currently offering a free no-obligation 15 day trial of any of our hosting solutions. Just call 020 711 28 733 or email for more information and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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