What happens when a contract goes wrong – terminate or mediate.

It is essential that contracts are managed and most are and go through their ‘life’ with no problems. However, some contracts do not go so well.

What happens if the supplier does not deliver on time, or the goods don’t work as they should, what happens if the price changes? what happens if the service engineer does not arrive within their contracted time?

Termination is one solution, maybe legal action another, but it could well be that mediation or arbitration could be the better way – especially in respect to sole source or limited supplier contracts.

Mediation or arbitration both require for a process to be followed and work put in to achieve the desired outcome. Managing poor performance is essential and managing by way of mediation or arbitration is part of this process.

Corporate Contracts run an online course, The Certificate in Managing Contract Disputes that takes you through the process and covers all the areas involved in dealing with the successful running of a contract, from risk management and performance through people and behaviour, mediation, arbitration and the buyer/supplier relationship.

The course covers 11 modules and takes approximately 15 weeks. You work one to one with the course tutor.

For details of all the modules covered in The Certificate in Managing Contract Disputes, sample modules and prices and an application form please see http://www.contractmatters.org.uk/ for more details.

The Certificate in Managing Contract Disputes is run by Corporate Contracts Ltd and administered by The School of Education Administration and Management.

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