Boots UK Supporting BBC Children in Need

Boots UK have launched new online primary education resources, specially designed to support teaching and learning about BBC Children in Need. The new resources can be accessed FREE at Boots Learning Store – – an interactive educational website for pupils of all ages addressing issues of health, science and wellbeing.

Let’s Help Each Other and Work Together is an interactive presentation and quiz using BBC Children in Need as context for children’s personal and social development. The presentation can be used to introduce or expand pupils’ understanding of the charity, and to initiate or support pupils’ fundraising activities. This highly visual resource has been designed for school assemblies and explains the importance of charitable work and fundraising.

The Pudsey Party is an online storybook for KS1 pupils using BBC Children in Need as a stimulus for a range of reading and writing tasks. These resources are supported by a comprehensive set of lesson plans and worksheets.

Boots Learning Store is a lively and interactive online resource, containing a wide-range of learning modules for KS1 and KS2 PSHE. Developed with teachers and tested in schools, these modules are ideal for whole-class teaching on an interactive whiteboard, or in an ICT suite.

Please pass this message on to all relevant colleagues in your school. We hope your pupils enjoy using Boots Learning Store.

To access all these resources visit:

We tend to think of the school as being a fixed entity with established buildings, and designated teaching areas. But…

Teaching and learning can and does happen anywhere; in the classroom, the hall, the playground… Indeed the only thing that ever limits the use of any space is our ability to imagine the possibilities.

So if you have a playground, and it is raining, or there is strong direct sunlight, or it is very windy, the area’s use as a teaching and learning environment might be thought to be restricted.

But if you were to put up a canopy, you could, for a very modest sum, give yourself an extended classroom, an al fresco dining area, an adventure play area…

This is the route down which numerous schools have recently gone, in developing ever more varied use of their facilities. And there really is no limit to the ways in which an area could be used.

True, there’s no telling what the British weather is going to do next, but the fact that canopies can be used in so many ways, means that there are virtually no days at all in the school year when such a facility cannot be used in some way or other.

There are over 150 different designs of canopies available. Some of course are designed for very specific purposes, such as the bicycle shed, but many others do have multiple uses.

Which is why before we do anything else, we always offer to come to your school, without cost and without any obligation, to see the site and discuss the ways in which a canopy could be added to your existing buildings.

To get an idea of the huge range of options available we’ve collected together photographs of over 30 different installations that we’ve undertaken recently. They are on – just click on any photograph that looks interesting and you will see it enlarged.

We’ve also got a separate page for cycle shelters

If you’d like to discuss how a canopy could be used in your school, or have us come to look at your site and advise on the options, please either

Phone: 01353 699009
Or write to: Cambridge Style Canopies, 62 Main Street, Pymoor, Ely, Cambs CB6 2DY

Revilo Education – Now online!

Now your students can get their listening, reading and grammar practice using their tablets, laptops and phones as well as in school. Revilo’s tried and trusted interactive resources are now ONLINE. They are available in two formats: The originals, with tasks mainly in the target language and some in English; and a new format, with all tasks in English. You can subscribe to any of our resources for your whole school (individual logins) for just £55, or if you prefer, your students can subscribe individually, by taking out their own personal subscription for just £10.


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