Three films to help teachers and student advisers cope with the emotional states of their pupils.

Stopping the Pain: Teenage Self-Injury DVD 2010 – 20 Minutes

Causes of self injury, and how to help.

The number of adolescents injuring themselves is growing. In this programme, several young people describe what led them to self-injury, how they got help, and how they found healthy ways to deal with their problems. Some of the reasons for self-injury are identified: to punish themselves for not being perfect, to relieve emotional stress, to feel less numb, and to feel in control when everything else in their lives seems to be out of control. Sections include an introduction, why people self-injure, increased self-injury, getting help, helping other people who self-injure and getting better. USA

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Teenage Grief DVD 2007 – 13 Minutes

Animated film about teenagers coping with the death of someone close.

Teenagers already have to cope with huge changes in themselves and their lives. Adjusting to the death of a close friend or family member at the same time may feel like too much for them to handle. This animated film by Leeds Animation Workshop contains six episodes and young people from a wide range of backgrounds facing different kinds of bereavement. Adam’s grandmother is elderly and dies in hospital; Emily’s mother dies after a long illness; Nasreen’s father has a sudden fatal heart attack. Marcus sees his sister killed in a road accident; Laura loses a friend through suicide, and Nathan’s mother is murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

The pack, which includes a booklet, aims to help parents and others understand the ways in which young people grieve and how best to support them.

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A Confidential Space DVD 2011 – 84 Minutes

Issues of confidentiality relating to counselling children and young people.

An interview with Peter Jenkins, on the issues relating to confidentiality in therapeutic work with children and young people. This is a complex topic, but Peter conveys some key messages about the value of this counselling with force and clarity.

The interview covers a broad range of issues which will be of direct value to practitioners in this challenging field, whether as therapists, trainers, lecturers, managers or supervisors. Peter provides a strong case for building and maintaining high levels of confidentiality in therapeutic work with children and young people, based on research findings and on recent case law.

Themes covered include: Ethical issues in working with children and young people, Good practice for counselling in schools, Information-sharing and child protection, Disclosures of abuse and pre-trial therapy, Data protection and access to records of therapy by the courts, police and solicitors, Access to records of therapy by parents and children and Therapy as a confidential space.

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