What is the simplest way to be efficient?

That was a question that exercised MPs recently in a debate on recycling. Aidan Burley MP pointed out that one company – PRM Green Technologies – has “already saved the education sector in excess of £5 million through their services; equivalent to the cost of employing 237 full-time teachers.”

It is an extraordinarily bold claim but it is based on a simple observation. PRM Green Technologies come to schools and remove unwanted computer equipment from each school and then dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. The company even wipes the hard drives to make sure nothing is available for anyone else to access.

It doesn’t cost the school anything, and it gives a good lead to parents and the students when they see what the school is achieving.

Equipment that can be removed includes computers, screens, printers, cables, PC base units, CRT monitors, TFT monitors, servers, laptops, server racks, switches, telecom switches and printers.

The only requirement we have is that you have at least 30 items for collection and that they are all gathered together in one easily accessible place for our driver to pick up.

Indeed, as long as you have 30 of these items we will take away other IT equipment at the same time, such as keyboards, cabling and telecoms.

At the end of the process we issue you with free certification evidence so you can see that the correct procedures were complied with.

Not surprisingly, Cabinet Minister Rt Hon Nick Hurd MP was quick to join in and associate himself with the firm as “an example of a good British business that is coming up with new solutions and offering real value at a time when we need to challenge the system, which spends so many billions of pounds of our money, to be more efficient and effective.”

For more information on free secure services provided by PRM Green Technologies, please call on 0800 840 9195 or visit our website at www.prmgreentech.com