Sadly, not everything is quite as it ought to be

The curious tale of the photocopier that ate money

It is a sad reflection of the world that we live in that not every photocopier is quite as honest, straightforward and honourable as it ought to be. Some photocopiers are just, well, not quite on the button.

I say this because I’ve recently been working with a school where the payments on a photocopier lease were calculated slightly wrongly. The error was indeed small – around £15 a week.

The problem was that the copier was supplied on a five year lease which meant that by the end of the agreed period the school had been overcharged by £4131. Worse no one reminded the school that the lease had come to an end, and the payments continued for an unwanted machine, for another 18 months after the lease.

I am not suggesting that anyone is deliberately involved in mis-selling. But the fact is that this sort of error is surprisingly common.

Now I know that in writing this I am starting to sound like one of those dreadful PPI recovery people who seem to phone me up everyday promising me that I have been mis-sold something or other by my bank.

However school photocopiers are rather different, in that errors, where they do occur are as likely to occur as a result of incorrect calculations as they are for hidden commissions or unwanted insurance policies

But there is a solution to all this and what we do is simple. Because this is our specialist area we can quickly check the photocopier lease and then the amount being paid. If there’s an overpayment due, we recover it for you and take a modest commission at that point.

And although I have mentioned photocopiers throughout, we can also do this on any other type of school lease that you would like us to check.

To see if there is money due back to the school simply email me at and attach to the email a copy of your scanned-in leasing agreement/s and we will let you know if you may be entitled to a refund.

Just to reassure you, you will have no obligation to proceed – and if you do you will not be required to pay anything. Instead you will be told what percentage reimbursement the company will require in the event of their making a successful claim on your behalf.

Stephen Mister