What is the best way to help re-take students to prepare for their GCSE maths exams?

Unfortunately sending a student who is soon to sit a re-take back to the material previously studied may fail to make an impact, simply because it will be skimmed on the basis that “I’ve done this before”.

Indeed, “going back” always feels just that: like “going back”. The student generally knows that he/she has a clear area of weakness which needs to be resolved, but re-reading past material often fails to inspire.

However, whether the problem resides with quadratic equations, the application of percentages, probability, vectors, scale factors or anything else that falls within the GCSE syllabus, there is another way.

This alternative route to re-visiting work that has not been fully grasped utilises a multi-sensory approach via demonstration videos (which can of course be re-run as often as required) and question sessions, with the student immediately able to check his/her answers.

This is the approach developed via I Need Maths. It is a programme that covers all GCSE and IGCSE topics at foundation and higher level up to A and A*. I Need Maths improves understanding, builds confidence in maths ability and maximises achievement.

There are in fact over 200 focussed and easy-to-follow video lessons with worked examples and clear explanations throughout.

Additionally there are over 400 original worksheets with answers, allowing the practice and building of skills and confidence.

There is also an individual dashboard for each student with a clear overview of all content and a record of progress made to organise and guide learning.

An individual student annual subscription costs £9.99 while bulk purchases of ten or more subscription cards are available at £6.99 each – or less for purchases of over 100 subscriptions at once.

Whole school purchase options are also available from £250 – details on request.

There is more information on http://www.ineedmaths.co.uk/

Alternatively, please call us on 020 3239 5747 or email us at inm4schools@4colourlearning.co.uk.