26 humorous limericks, one for each of the initial consonants and short vowel sounds

Zoë the zebra lives in the zoo,
With buzzing bees and a kangaroo,
She simply can’t stop,
Drinking fizzy pop,
But pizzas make her turn blue!

Phonic Limericks is a fun, practical way to enhance children’s phonic understanding and enable them to see phonic sounds in context.

This resource contains 26 humorous limericks, one for each of the initial consonants and short vowel sounds, all of which have been extensively trialled in schools.

Each short, funny poem features a cute alliterative character and the children will soon become familiar with these characters.

For the children it is a very rewarding process when they pick up a picture book to enthusiastically point out a Hannah the Horse word or an Alfie the Ant word and so forth.

For the parents too, the process becomes one of great interest as the children quickly learn the poems and recite them to their parents at home.

Hence by showing phonemes in context in a funny little poem, rather than simply decoding a list of words, we are encouraging a love of reading from the very beginning – which is, of course, the reason we teach children to read in the first place!

The fun reproducible worksheets contain sorting activities to reinforce phonic knowledge and handwriting activities to promote correct letter formation.

The accompanying CD contains full-colour versions of the limericks (which can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard), copies of the reproducible worksheets to enable easy printing and Smartboard versions of the reproducible sheets which allow you to play the sorting games as a whole class and model correct letter formation.

There are sample pages on our website.

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Introducing 2 New Anger Management Resources for professionals working with young people

Anger Management Programme
Beyond Anger Management

1 ) Anger Management Programme

Using strength based solutions
By E A Morris
This collection of session plans that cover every aspect of running an anger management programme with young people. By linking to emotional literacy students will learn the skills of self-awareness, self-management, impulse control, active listening, empathy, understanding of non-verbal cues, conflict resolution and mediation.

The ultimate aim is to elicit in participants an optimistic outlook, a better focus, and acceptance of other people and how they are.

Central to the programme is how to deal with angry outbursts – known as ‘emotional hijacks’ – both pre and post-hijack. Each lesson plan details the aim, resources required and method, and is accompanied by reproducible student and teacher sheets.


Introduction • Suggested Ways in Which to Use the Lesson Plans • Feelings Focus • Different Kinds of Anger • What I Get Angry About • What I Can do When my Anger is Building up • When I Talk to Myself • Melt Down!• Melt Down 2! • After the Storm • Making ‘I’ Statements • Rules for Myself

ISBN 978-1-907370-24-3
Anger Management Programme 036HH £39.95

2 ) Beyond Anger Management

Session plans to improve communication and assertiveness skills
By E A Morris
Help young people learn better communication skills, particularly when to apply the assertive option, with this practical manual.

Areas covered include personal rights, body language, making requests and expressing feelings in an emotionally literate way. The exercises allow practice in being assertive including how to say “No!” confidently. An assertiveness questionnaire allows you to monitor progress. Particularly useful as a follow-up programme to any anger management course.


• Assessment • Management Suggestions • Introducing Assertive Behaviour • Behaviour Options • More Behaviour Options! • What Do I Want and How Can I Get It? • How to Ask for What I Want • How to Say “No!” • Practice Makes Perfect • Kindly Speak Up! • How Assertive Are You Now?

ISBN 978-1-907370-75-5
Beyond Anger Management 045HH £39.95



VALUE SET containing Anger Management Programme and
Beyond Anger Management.


Now £69.95


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