Preparing for Ofsted’s new sports inspections, and ensuring an even bounce of the ball.

Ofsted is “strengthening” its coverage of PE and sport ahead of its detailed review and report back to government on primary school sport this time next year.

Which raises the question, what is the best way of using the ring-fenced PE and Sport Funding over the next two years to introduce more sport to the school?

Obviously there is a benefit if the school can focus on (among other things) a sport that is not always pursued in every primary school. And one such sport that has been somewhat overlooked in recent years is cricket.

Practising and playing cricket in the spring, summer and autumn is an attractive proposition for those children who are developing both their skills and an interest in the game.

Cricket in the primary school has been greatly enhanced by the ability to control the ball bounce performance via a ball bounce underlay. This material is minimally affected by moisture and so ensures that the climate does not affect consistency.

As a result the cricket wicket offers a safer and more even bounce at all times and in all weathers, perfect for junior cricket coaching and match play.

In fact, the development of all-weather synthetic pitches means that the game can be played and practised throughout much of the year as such facilities require a low amount of maintenance and are more resistant to wear. As a result the chances of cancelling sessions due to wet weather are greatly reduced.

The Notts Sport artificial cricket pitch incorporates a fast draining system so the wicket will rapidly return to perfect condition, even after a heavy rainfall. We are always happy to provide thoughts and advice on installing a new artificial cricket pitch in your school.

Refurbishments of existing facilities can also be carried out at a fraction of the cost of a new build facility, and free condition checks are available for any existing artificial turf cricket facilities.

For more information or to arrange a free review of your playing area, please call me on 01455 883 730 or email me at

Alternatively, you can find further information on our website.