English Basics posters



It’s essential that all pupils and students have a sound grasp of the basics of English.

Give your teaching of the basics a real impact by using these pdf posters.

These colourful, snappy posters will have an immediate impact but can also be a continued point of reference.

At less than £20 for the set this is brilliant value. You can print as many copies of these as you like – have them in every classroom!

The posters cover: Nouns; Verbs; Adjectives; Adverbs; Pronouns; Direct speech; Reported speech; First person; Third person; Superlatives; Connectives; Rhetorical question; the Infinitive; Vary your verbs; You’re; Your; Their; They’re; There; It’s; Personification; Alliteration; Simile; Metaphor; Onomatopoeia

There are 25 A4 pdf posters in all. The set is an ideal classroom resource. A PowerPoint version is also available for whiteboards and large display screens.

You can see all the posters here

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What is the most effective way of ensuring that parents and carers keep using your Sure Start facilities?

In the simplest of terms, parents and carers can over time drift away. They might like what you do, but there are distractions, family issues, etc. And before you know it Sure Start has slipped out of their consciousness.

Of course, communicating with parents and carers on a regular basis can overcome this, but even so the method of communication you choose can make a huge difference.

Email can help but, as some parents and carers may not have access to the internet, sending emails can be a bit hit and miss as you cannot be sure that they have received the information.

Another option is to telephone them all but obviously this is both time-consuming and costly.

However, what many Children’s Centres are now finding increasingly effective is to contact parents through text messaging.

Text messaging offers an instant, cheap and effective way to communicate whether it is regarding reminders about play sessions or changes of times. It is also a great way to market your centre (workshops, courses, etc).

What’s more, it has been proven to increase the number of parents and carers who attend these sessions and, as funding is partly based on the uptake of such sessions, contacting your target market directly can have a huge impact.

And this is where the TextMine text messaging system can help.

TextMine allows you to send bulk text messages to selected groups of people.

To get started, all you need to do is to log on to the TextMine website, type your message as you would an email, choose your contacts and send. Your message is sent directly to the phones of the people you want, whether they have an ‘old brick’ or the newest Smart Phone.

For more information about the TextMine system please visit www.textmine.co.uk or alternatively email catherine.keeling@textmine.com or telephone 020 8150 6024.

Tucasi Limited – School Payments Made Easy

Total Income Management: Trips, Dinner Money, Extended Day, Communications, Lettings and Online Payments – a fully integrated solution for your School, Academy or College

Tucasi have been providing innovative software to the Education sector for the last 8 years.  Our Company was formed to address the problems of the income collection process in schools and we now have over 3000 schools across 145 Local Authorities Nationwide, using our systems.  165,000 parents are also registered to pay online using our secure online payment system.

We have combined knowledge of School Governance/Finance (two of our Founders were School Governors) with technical expertise (we have built income systems for Disney Theme Parks and Homebase amongst others), and have created an organisation that is entirely focused on helping schools.

We listen to schools to find out what they want from us and we also understand that software products must be backed up by good service.  We invest significant resources in creating an operations team that focuses not only on selling the system but also training schools, supporting them and making time to listen to what they have to say.

SCO Software :

  • Records/stores details of income/expenditure quickly and efficiently
  • Generates receipts
  • Creates a complete audit trail
  • Generates Debt letters/invitations
  • Provides comprehensive reports to support finance managers
  • Accepts multiple payment methods including online payments
  • Generates Gift Aid reports

This software was designed specifically to help administrative staff with the collecting, administration, banking and audit of all non-grant income.   The system works equally well in both Primary and  Secondary Schools and in areas where SCO has been used for some time, auditors recommend it.  

For schools that collect dinner money in advance SCO dramatically reduces administration workload, keeping track of who has paid what and instantly showing who is in arrears and by how much.

The software integrates very quickly with existing school processes and creates a platform that enables schools to offer parents a flexible range of payment options including the ability for parents to pay online.

Systems include :            

Trips, events, uniform management

Dinners management

Extended day management (After School, Holiday and Breakfast clubs)

Online payments

Communications (text/email)

Lettings management

“We have been using the Tucasi system to manage our school trips, charity collections, school events and dinner money for 2 years. We absolutely love it! It meets all of our needs and it saves us administration time; it’s obvious that it’s been designed specifically for schools.

What we also find refreshing about Tucasi is that customer service doesn’t stop with the sale, the ongoing support and training are brilliant and there is always a friendly voice on the end of the phone should we need help.” Primary School in Nottinghamshire

 “Just paid Beth and Dylan’s dinner money for this half term using Tucasi – so easy, and no more lost money….   A great system!”  Parent from Primary School in Hampshire

If you would like a free demonstration of the system or just to find out a little bit more about us, please do not hesitate to contact :

 Annette Mckeown

Head of Sales

0844 800 4016   am@tucasi.com