Raising grades every year will come to an end when everyone gets an A* in everything, but for the moment there is still room for improvement…

The problem is, of course, that if students do better in their exams, year on year, the press immediately suggest that the exams are getting easier. The notion that teaching is getting more effective seems to be beyond the ability of journalists to grasp.

And yet this is certainly what is happening – not least because of the growing use of systems in which the students learn in the most efficient manner possible.

We know this is being achieved because each year, for the past seven years, the Fischer Family Trust (FFT) has conducted independent studies investigating the effectiveness of eLearning through which the students work individually, building step by step on existing knowledge.

As Mike Treadaway, Head of Research at FFT, said recently, “The research we’ve done over the years has consistently shown that the level of use (of SAM Learning) does make a difference…

The results, Mike added, are very encouraging: “10 hours will typically get (students) a grade higher in two subjects, if it’s 20 hours, it may be four subjects.”

Of course, the journalists won’t appreciate the extra effectiveness of the teaching and learning techniques being introduced, but that remains their problem. What most people realise is that there is another explanation for improvement.

If you would like to see how SAM Learning increases the effectiveness of learning and thus raises exam grades, I’d be delighted to arrange a free demonstration of the service in your school.

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