Student grades always go up when the students engage in serious independent study. The only question is, how do we get them to do it?

There’s no doubt that the students who achieve the highest grades are those who undertake serious and effective independent study.

Thus questions about raising students’ grades at GCSE are in fact questions about how one can get students who are not very good at independent study to become focussed and engage in serious work on their own.

Plus, of course, they have to be studying in the right area so that the student is never attempting to learn something without first having the necessary pre-requisite knowledge.

As a result of such focussed and directed work these students are encouraged by their success and consequently overcome any predisposition to claim that the subject matter is boring or is one at which they are simply no good.

Our aim in approaching this issue, however, was not only to produce a system that meets all these needs and requirements, but also to produce an approach to learning that the students can use at home and at school.

In fact research shows that 60% of all work done on our approach is completed outside of school hours – so we know that that part of the programme has indeed been successful.

Naturally we’ve commissioned independent research to show that this approach not only engages students who need to be taken up a grade, but also does result in higher grades.

We’ve even asked the students (again through independent research) if they enjoyed their work with our system, and 83% said yes they did.

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