Did you know that you can get FREE dictionaries and thesauri for your students or your department ?

The New Choice Dictionary and the New Choice Thesaurus are the normal paperback size, (130 x 196 mm) with 384 pages and approx 15,000 words. Suitable for ages 11 – 16.

They are ideal for use in lessons, for homework or as prizes or incentives.

Signpost Educational Ltd are making these dictionaries available at only £1.99 each (RRP = £2.99) but that’s not all.

When you order 100 or more copies then you’ll receive an extra 50% completely free.
eg. order 200 copies and they will send you an extra 100 copies free of charge.

What’s more, you can choose your free copies in any combination, eg order 300 dictionaries and 100 thesauri and you could choose 200 free dictionaries, OR 150 dictionaries and 50 thesauri. You decide what free copies you want.

If you would like more information you can check their website at: www.signposteducational.co.uk or give them a call if you need more information.

You can order direct from Signpost Educational Ltd on:
tel. 020 7515 1797
fax 020 7515 4420
by email: signpost@talk21.com
or by post to:

Signpost Educational Ltd
PO Box 999
E14 6SH