Helping teenagers with the pressures of family life

No matter how hard we try to get on with our families, we all experience problems at home from time to time.

By encouraging teenagers to talk about their families and discuss different scenarios within the family unit, students are able to see their own family in relation to the wider world and also to understand that they have options in terms of how they choose to arrange their lives in the years to come.

Our Families and Relationship pack helps you to work with students to do just that.

The pack includes worksheets and information which examine a number of areas connected with families and relationships including the different types of family units, teenage promiscuity, family breakdowns and single parent families.

Each of the worksheets is accompanied by teaching notes and lesson guidance.

This resource is available as a hard copy or an ebook and free sample pages are available on our website.

You can order Families and Relationships in any of these ways: