Healthy Eating – A Guide to Nutrition

In an age of fad diets, processed foods, body image issues, and widespread obesity, clichés like “You are what you eat” just aren’t enough to educate teens about smart eating.

Healthy Eating: A Guide to Nutrition is a five-part educational DVD series that explores food-related issues with the energy, complexity, and engagement needed to reach today’s teenagers.

Using eye-catching animation sequences and commentary from nutritionists, dieticians, and trainers, this series of resources for classroom presentation and individual reference, conveys detailed, real-world knowledge about basic nutrition, weight management, physical fitness, eating disorders, and food safety.

The series features the following 5 DVD resources:

Each DVD includes approx. 30-minutes of chaptered video and downloadable PDF support material with Pre & Post-Programme Discussion Questions; Follow-up Activities; Assessment Questions; Fast Facts and Vocabulary Terms – click here to view sample support material

Available on approval from Viewtech Educational Media @ £36 each or £135 for the complete set (excl. p&p and VAT).

Click on the title links above for individual programme details, preview clips and online ordering, or click here for the complete set of 5 Health Eating DVD resources – quote promotional discount code: HHM403 at the checkout for 25% discount*

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Over 3,000 educational DVD resources to assist teaching & learning – click here for more resources for Food Technology
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How to take PSHE beyond the surface


How to take PSHE beyond the surface

It is constantly debated in the media, education departments, and in government, if and how Sex Education should be taught in schools – With all the TV shows on how to have good sex, how to dress, how to be famous…. is anyone actually asking these students why? Why do you want to have sex/be in a relationship, why do you feel the pressure to smoke/drink, why would you put yourself at risk of catching an infection? Why are you out of control?

For the participants involved you can forget disturbing diagrams and awkward talks – this is Sex Ed with a difference. Supporting the SEAL approach (social and emotional aspects of learning) Tip of the Iceberg Theatre have found that to affectively reach and address the attitudes of young people it is not enough to deal with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of these personal issues, but rather the heart and soul. Cue Tip of the Iceberg Theatre.

Our projects work because they have constantly evolved with the input from over 100,000 young people. We take the weight off your shoulders where these difficult issues are concerned, and as described by one school “It’s a years PSHE in a day”.

‘Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company’ have been delivering drama based PSHE projects to students for over 13 years, using a mix of live performance techniques and up-front honesty to tackle difficult issues at the root – from alcohol and anorexia to the internet and underage sex.

With this email we are offering £100 off full day bookings and £50 off half day bookings. Quote Summeremail.

We have workshop days on Internet Safety, Friendship and Bullying, Communication and Attitudes to Driving (for the Sixth Form).

There are two full length productions on offer for 2013-2014 . (These shows are followed by a range of workshop options from 1hr to a full day)

‘The Sex Factor’ for years 9-11 that examines issues around SRE, drugs, self esteem, and decision making.

‘Network’ for years 8-10 that explores all types of relationships; identity, culture,

bereavement, divorce, crime and risky behaviours.

Each project is designed to suit you and your needs as we adapt the workshops to accommodate timetables and student numbers, so please contact us for further information and prices.

Phone: 0845 4747907
Mobile: 07519 593711

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Today made me think about what I do in life and what I can do to improve and change.” (Yr 9 pupil)

“I know I am in control of my own actions” (year 10 pupil)

“It is remarkable that each year you give us something special both in terms of the drama performances but also in the workshops. The responses of the boys throughout the day and their comments to us the following week indicate just how much they appreciate the day.” (Head of PSHE, Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys’ School)